7 Tips For Safely Cleaning With Strong Chemical Products

Posted on 19 July 2011

7 Tips For Safely Cleaning With Strong Chemical Products

A guest post from Tim for readers of Jewishlifeorganized.com

Cleaning products are the miracles of the modern age. They allow us to accomplish housework in a fraction of the time it used to take and it allows us to combat bacteria and viruses quickly and efficiently. These products are often our best tool against dirt and grime, but they can also be ineffective and possibly very dangerous if they aren’t properly used or handled with the respect they deserve. Today, we are going to address these concerns and give you tips that will help you utilize these powerful housecleaning agents to their full potential and at the same time protect the health of you and your family.

1. Read Instructions Carefully

Before you use any cleaning product you should be thoroughly familiar with its proper use and application. Make sure that you have not only carefully read the instructions but fully understand them. Not reading the instructions increases the likelihood that the chemicals are going to be used in a fashion that is inconsistent with the labeling. This is also a good time to pay attention to emergency instructions and poison control contact information on the bottle in case there is an accident.

2. Wear Proper Protective Equipment

Before you use any cleaning product you should familiarize yourself with the potential hazards that particular chemical poses to your health and make sure you take adequate precautions. Cleaning products can be corrosive to human tissue and cause damage to soft mucous membranes. Some cleaning products can also release fumes that may cause damage to the lungs or soft tissues of the throat. Make sure you protect these sensitive areas of your body with the proper use of protective equipment such as gloves, safety goggles and face masks.

3. Never Mix Cleaning Products

Cleaning products should never be mixed together under any circumstances. Many cleaning products that are quite safe and stable under ordinary circumstances can become quite dangerous when mixed with other chemicals. For example, bleach and ammonia are fairly safe when used by themselves, but release deadly vapors when mixed together. Since you can never be truly certain the exact chemicals that may be in a cleaning product, the safe thing is to only use them as standalone products.

4. Protect Children and Pets

While cleaning products can often be tolerated quite well by healthy adults, these products can be very toxic to children, pets and those with frail health. Before you begin using these products make sure that these individuals are away from the area being cleaned and that they are out of the area until any fumes have subsided.

5. Maintain Proper Ventilation

While you are using cleaning products it is very important that you keep the area well ventilated. Make sure that you open windows and if necessary, set up a house fan. The fumes from cleaning products can be deceptively strong and can quickly overwhelm a person using them in a poorly ventilated space.

6. Cleaning Up After Using Cleaning Supplies

After you have finished your cleaning duties it is now time to make sure that you are properly cleaned up. Make sure that you rinse off your gloves and make sure they are safely put away. Also make sure that you wash any areas of your body that may have been exposed to the cleaning supplies. If you have spilled cleaning products on your clothes, then make sure that you remove them and make sure they are properly laundered.

7. Properly Store Cleaning Products

Once you are done with your cleaning products you should make sure that they properly put away. Make sure that the lids to your cleaning products are firmly in place and make sure that you place these products in areas that are inaccessible to children and pets.

Following the above steps will not only ensure that our home is clean and free from nasty viruses, but it will also ensure that we are safe from the hazardous side effects of these very cleaning products.

Tim is currently working with a dealer of vacuum cleaner bags, so he spends most of his time sorting through Bosch hoover bags.

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    Must be careful with strong detergents!

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