A Packing Tip

I’ve come across many a packing tip- since I’m often looking for ways to be a better traveler.

A few have been super helpful and I wanted to share them with you:

– If you have samples of beauty care products, bring the sample or travel size rather than a full size.

– Got dry cleaner bags? Those will ensure wrinkle free travel, if you pack your suits and formal clothing in them.

– Need to carry liquids? Wrap them in absorbent material like a diaper, for instance! Or you can use bubblewrap, but I do like diapers for their absorbency as well as providing some padding.

– I also like to fold clothes in fours. I lay 4 garments out like a lower case “t”. I fold the lower half of each garment one over the other, than the other, than the other until it becomes one “package”.

Safe travels and please enjoy one of the packing tips provided here!

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