My story tells you that I had a lot to learn about organizing a Jewish home.

Scroll down for the 5 things you probably didn’t know about me!

Why my story can help you (especially if you are a newbie Jewish homemaker)

My name is Rivka Slatkin and I started as a “project”, really for myself. What happened was that my parents became religious when they were in college and soon to be married. Despite being orthodox, my mom was pretty much a liberal feminist.

She did not believe a Jewish woman’s role is to be in the kitchen and raise children (sorry mom).

Thus, when I got married, difficulty arose when laundry, cooking, cleaning, baking, and shopping needed to get done. You can imagine there being a lot of difficulty accepting my role but even stronger was a simple lack of knowledge and skill for having guests and managing the home the way I saw a lot of Jewish mother friends of mine doing.

They couldn’t understand what was just so hard for me.

So being the hardworker that I am, I set myself on a mission so I could actually keep the house up and feel good about it.

Little by little, I began to try methods of Jewish homemaking. Some worked, some didn’t work. For example, cooking in large quantities and freezing worked. Doing the laundry on set days every week did not work.

Along the way I took notes. I had documents on my computer called “Pesach Plan” and “Purim Plan”. Charts and notes about when I needed to do what.

I condensed all of my information and started following the plans before each Yom Tov. Yom Tov got easier and easier.

I started giving my plans out to friends and put them on the web for others to share and print out easily.

Other people started finding my website and asking me for help with organizing.

I’ve been amazed at the amount of people that want me to share my organizing advice with them specifically about managing everything Jewish. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who needed more help with organizing, especially before Yom Tov or Shabbos!

When I started, I also didn’t know how to actually make a website. And I was a little nervous about “putting myself out there” in front of everyone to see.

I went ahead anyway and needed to find the best format for putting my information out there-and so was born! All of a sudden, people started finding me.

So if you are newly religious, newly married, newly converted, or newly organized, you need to read through this website. I didn’t know just how popular all of the information would be and I’m glad it is well received because others’ homes are getting more organized and Yom Tov is getting calmer because of my notes I started taking. And even won the 2007 Award for Publication Excellence! Who knew?

Contact Rivka Slatkin, anytime!

I know how good it feels to get a response when you are looking for help!

That’s why I want to be available to you with regards to your questions, comments, and whatever else may be on your mind. Feel free to email me at rivka AT

5 things you probably didn’t know about me

1. My husband is a wonderful husband and father. He’s taken a primary role in being a father even though he runs a busy practice:
Thanks, hon!

2. I majored in Health Care Administration and wanted to be a nursing home administrator for years. I love the elderly and you guessed it, administrating.

3. I love eating healthy! We only buy kosher and organic foods. It’s expensive but I feel it is worthwhile. It all started when my daughter had eczema and we became super careful about what we ate. And we haven’t stopped since then. I even use only natural makeup with no chemicals and non-toxic household cleaning products.

4. I used to be a teacher. I love public speaking and teaching and have been told that my audience enjoys me as well.

5. I love my in-laws! They are not orthodox like I am and we love each other despite our religious differences. I don’t judge them and neither do they. I am loved and accepted as a true daughter. And if we ever get into differences, we have the tools to get through any conflict because of my husband’s Imago Relationship training (see link in #1).

Thanks for reading!

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