Hi, I’m Rivka Slatkin and I am the founder of Jewish-Life-Organized.com. I absolutely LOVE writing this website and having a community of people out there that want to work harder at making their home a place that is calm, beautiful, and really functional for all members of the family!

I’ve been told Rivka Slatkin is a household name in some cities because of all of the homemakers out there that appreciate my candid honesty about my imperfections!

Jewish-life-organized.com isn’t just a professional pursuit. Yes, I started a professional organizing business, and why do you think I did? To create calm and organization in my own life. With 3 kids and an active Jewish life, it became necessary for me to work constantly on EVERYTHING I write about here on Jewish-life-organized.com. I guess I wanted someone to share it all with 🙂

Everyday I wake up thinking about another way to help streamline my own  life and how I can make that possible for my readers. I live it, breathe it, dream about it.

The tagline of Jewish-life-organized.com is Creating Confident, Capable, and Happy Jewish Homemakers. That, my friends, is what it’s all about. If you’re a homemaker, wouldn’t it be so much more fun to be a confident one? A Capable homemaker? And most importantly a Happy Homemaker?

That’s what my goal is for you if you wish- to become a Confident, Capable, and Happy Jewish Homemaker!. Everything I’ve written about here on Jewish-life-organized.com is a teeny mirror of the issues I face in my own life, the ones I need to work harder on, and the things I get excited about.

Keep reading if you want to know more about how to raise Jewish kids, or how to organize for Pesach, or how to set a beautiful table and decorate your home. It’s all written for you because that’s what gets me excited in my quest to be a confident, capable, and happy Jewish homemaker. If it seems shallow or materialistic, it’s not meant to be. It’s my spirituality.

Would you say Rivka Slatkin is the Jewish Martha Stewart? Who knows? I’m not perfect. But I’m determined to get pretty darn close!

Professional Credentials

Jewish-life-organized.com is an internationally recognized website providing organizing solutions for busy Jewish families.

All of the writings and teachings of Jewish-life-organized.com are based on industry-wide recognized organizing techniques and research. As our name indicates however, the organizing research written about on JLO is carefully customized and crafted for Jewish families since there are currently no organizing resources out there that specifically combine organizing principles with the needs of the Jewish family, namely organizing Jewish Holidays, with the exception of Jewish-life-organized.com.

Jewish-life-organized.com and Rivka Slatkin have earned a reputation for transforming homes.

The author of over six Electronic Books, Rivka Slatkin writes a Weekly Organizing Checklist as well as Monthly reminder emails and tips before every Jewish Holiday, read by over 1000 families.

Jewish-life-organized.com has been interviewed by Israel National News, and has been featured in the Jewish Action, the Jewish Press, and dozens of other newspapers, print and internet media.

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