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You can now advertise your business or service here on Jewish Life Organized. People look to me to be a comprehensive resource to organizing Jewish life. Don’t you want your business to be part of that comprehensive resource?

You can advertise even if you don’t have one of those “fancy” banners created. It is very INEXPENSIVE to advertise on my site and that is because I really want Jewish Life Organized to be a valuable resource to the entire Jewish community.

More details on advertising with Jewish Life

  • Jewish Life reserves the right to decline any advertising inquiry I don’t feel would fit my site.
  • Prices are subject to change quarterly with sharp increases in traffic. I’ll keep you posted about our growth!
  • Currently, the sizes we have available are 125×125 and 300×250.

If you would like more information on prices, please don’t hesitate to email JLO at

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