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Air Cleaning Houseplants

Posted on 17 August 2010

Did you know that there are houseplants out there proven in a NASA study to clean and purify the air in your home? Plants are always a beautiful addition to any decor if they are well taken care of, and this would be a definite bonus to some that would like to improve their health! The only thing you may need to consider is that some of these plants may be poisonous if eaten by animals, so check into that.

Here’s a quick list of the top aircleaning houseplants:

1. Philodendron scandens `oxycardium’, heartleaf philodendron

2. Philodendron domesticum, elephant ear philodendron

3. Dracaena fragrans `Massangeana’, cornstalk dracaena

4. Hedera helix, English ivy

5. Chlorophytum comosum, spider plant

6. Dracaena deremensis `Janet Craig’, Janet Craig dracaena

7. Dracaena deremensis `Warneckii’, Warneck dracaena

8. Ficus benjamina, weeping fig

9. Epipiremnum aureum, golden pothos

10. Spathiphyllum `Mauna Loa’, peace lily

11. Philodendron selloum, selloum philodendron

12. Aglaonema modestum, Chinese evergreen

13. Chamaedorea sefritzii, bamboo or reed palm

14. Sansevieria trifasciata, snake plant

15. Dracaena marginata , red-edged dracaena

I will post some pictures later, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to note that you probably already own many of these plants as they are very common to have in the home, even if you weren’t aware of these benefits.

Plants are definitely an asset to any decor especially when placed into groups rather than one plant in one room and another lone plant in another room. A wow effect is more possible to achieve when there are lots of plants grouped together than just a few here or there.

I don’t recommend keeping dried flowers or dried plants as they are “dead” and aren’t encouraged according to feng shui.

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  1. Julie DeKoven says:

    Did you ever post pictures of these plants? Did I miss it? I’m not sure what plant it is by it’s official name. Thanks!


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