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Answering Pesach Questions

Posted on 25 July 2010

Answering Pesach Questions

1. I would like to turn over for Pesach 2 weeks ahead of time. My biggest problem is what to serve my family during that time. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for meals during the week or 2 prior to pesach?

2. Please print ideas for moms with jobs. I am either at work or at home alone with my kids. My non-Jewish cleaning lady does most of the cleaning — she is a bracha– but after 10 years she still does not know what chametz is. I would love some ideas.

3. Please share ideas for recipes to cook in the crockpot and freeze.

Rivka’s answers

1. You have a few options. One is, to create a mini “chametz” kitchen in another room with a microwave and mini fridge and enjoy your favorite chametz foods. Or, you can serve the kids kitniyos and mostly Pesach foods. If they want bread, they must eat outside.

2. I understand your predicament and it is a challenging one. You do have help though which is more than many people have! If the cleaning lady is given a list of everything to clean throughout the entire house, including the kitchen, all you have to do is go grocery shopping, plan your meals, switchover, and then cook! It is going to take some thinking clearly about all the tasks you can delegate, be very specific, and then take care of the things only YOU can do. If she can’t do things like line the shelves or bring up Passover dishes, that is what you need to do on Sundays and Saturday nights.

3. Things like meats, poultry, soups, and desserts freeze well and cook well in the crockpot. I recommend doing a google search for crockpot recipes and seeing what you can “convert” into Passover recipes. I didn’t really use any special recipe, just stuck a brisket with potatoes into the crockpot with kosher for pesach spices and condiments. Or chicken, canned pineapple, tomato sauce and pour on. No need to even cut anything!

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