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Birthdays on Shabbos (Sabbath)

Posted on 16 January 2011

If your child’s birthday falls out on the Sabbath, you may or may not be thinking about having a birthday party on Shabbos. I debated back and forth about this since many of my son’s friends were not in walking distance to our house and it is our custom not to receive gifts on Shabbos. So as I write this, it is Saturday night and we just finished our son’s birthday party!

I was debating back and forth about whether or not I should host a birthday party for him another day or at another location that his friends could come to, bringing presents, etc, when my husband said, “Let’s have a special Sabbath meal, we already have enough presents and enough clutter, we don’t need more!”

He really was right, but I was still tempted to have a weekday birthday party honestly to upgrade some of my son’s toys- sad but true 🙁 I decided to listen to my husband because you know what? We really have more than enough toys and I really want to model the concept of being happy with what we have for my kids. (Especially for my son who seems to be pressured constantly with the newest and the latest toy, only to be unhappy with it a day after having it.)

So we enjoyed a beautiful birthday party on Shabbos. My son who always wants candy, requested a “candy” themed birthday party and (perhaps because I was feeling guilty about no presents) I gave in to his every candy whim and wish. I baked and baked and baked lots of desserts for our Sabbath meal, despite my dislike of baking and I also bought candy from the store. We had a family with lots of sons for our Sabbath meal, and then around 2:30, we invited a bunch of his friends that lived within walking distance to come to the party.

We had such a great time! We played musical chairs, Charades from the Parsha (weekly Torah portion), and played with the games we had already.

Not once did my son complain about not receiving birthday presents! Phew.

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