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Bulk Cooking Recipes

Posted on 12 July 2010

Bulk Cooking Primer for Jewish Homes…The Basics, Some Advice, and then some Fun!

Notice how I started off the cooking page with the word “Bulk”. That’s because in Jewish families, often you need to learn how to cook in bulk!

Some of the balabustas you’ve spent time with have 30 people every Shabbos! How does their food taste so good and serve so many people?

Cooking Basics

First we’ve got to start with what pots you are using. I am pulled in two directions with regards to pots because I’m a health freak. So I try to buy cast iron pots that do not have teflon or aluminum in them. I just feel that those are health risks. However, I do recognize the need to have large pots and with cast iron or enamel pots, the pots can be SOOOO heavy that there is no way to buy a bulk cooking pot out of those materials.

So, I compromise. I think stainless steel is a pretty good compromise, since there is no teflon in them just nickel. Also, you can get some very large stainless steel pots which you need if you are going to cook in bulk.

Here is a link to a “larger” enameled cast iron pot: I know they are expensive, but if you are concerned about the teflon issue, you’ll realize their value.

Also, here’s the fun part. There is a method that I’ve started using, that allows you to cook one-pot meals without the mushiness of a crockpot and the “crockpot” taste! It was created by Elizabeth Yarnell, who grew up with a Kosher Kitchen, and she named it Glorious One-Pot Meals. The food turns out amazing- nothing like in a crock pot.

When I tried it, I was seriously surprised that the fish tasted like fish, the rice tasted like rice, and the vegetables tasted like vegetables. See in the picture how everything is seperate from each other? They were all in the one pot. I love it.

For this method, you absolutely do need the enameled cast iron pot

because the pot is the whole secret to the dish maintaining its flavors.

Cooking Advice

Okay, so you’ve got your pots under control, your cooking methods under control, now you just need more tips on cooking in bulk.

One piece of advice with regards to bulk cooking is to find recipes that you don’t have to quadruple on your own. For instance, there are kosher cookbooks with recipes for making Sheva Brachos or that have recipes from caterers.

There’s a cookbook I have called “The Heimishe Kitchen- A Yiddishe Simcha”-(do a search on the internet to find it) and it is perfect because the servings are for around 60 people so I don’t have to make my own calculations.

Here is an example of my Rosh Hashanah meal plan that I created using the Yiddishe Simcha cookbook: See if you like the recipes.

Cooking Fun

Once a month cooking! Or for your family, it might be for one Shabbos 🙂

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