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Reader Question: Can I really Turn my Laundry Room into a Pesach Kitchen?

Posted on 29 March 2011

Can I really Turn my Laundry Room into a Pesach Kitchen? If you read my recent post, How to Cook for Passover Early without a Passover kitchen, you know that I suggest creating a mini Passover cooking space in your basement or laundry room, all that is really required is a sink and an electrical […]

Tips for Parents-How to Organize my Kids?

Posted on 16 January 2011

I get a lot of requests to provide tips for parents on how to organize their kids. There are A LOT of books, websites, newsletters, workshops out there that provide tips for parents on how to get your child to be more organized. I’m going to be bold in making this announcement and perhaps be […]

What do you think of re-gifting? Shocker!!

Posted on 30 December 2010

What do you all think of re-gifting? I know, I know, it’s a shocker to even say the word in public, but I know that many of us do it, and I’d like to know what you have to say about it. My opinion? Take a guess. I’m a professional organizer for goodness sakes! I […]

Printable Checklist for November 28-December 3

Posted on 28 November 2010

Jewish Life’s Weekly Organizing Checklist Click here for a PRINTABLE version _____ Printable Checklist Tip #1–Now that it is getting colder out, the weather may be unpredictable. It is a good idea to create your pantry staples list and to get really consistent about having your pantry staples at all times to be able […]

Test your Organizing IQ about Organizing your Freezer

Posted on 15 November 2010

Here’s a question from one of our readers on freezer organizing. May the best post win! “I love your emails, and I’ve purchased some of your books. I have a question for you. What do you do about organizing a freezer? I wish I had purchased more shelves for my freezer, but I need a […]

5 tips for Staying Organized with Little Children

Posted on 29 September 2010

I received this question recently from a reader and wanted to answer it timely since keeping an organized home with young kids can often feel exasperating! You may feel like you are picking up litter off of the floor every hour and believe you me, you are not alone! Hi There, I like your organizing […]

Question from JLO Readers-“I don’t like to-do lists!”

Posted on 24 August 2010

After I posted the following on facebook and Wouldn’t it be fun to create a mass master to-do list right here on or on Facebook by gathering up each of your to-do’s? Post them on either location and then I will compile the HUGE list into one MASTER list for you? I then […]

Questions from JLO Readers-Dealing with a Small Apartment

Posted on 18 August 2010

Question: We do not have so much space. The rent for apartments in european cities is very high, so our apartments are smaller. We simply do not have the space to place three different coloured boxes to sort the dirty laundry for example. So the main problem – facing the upcoming holiday season – is that our fridges […]

Organizing Questions Answered

Posted on 18 July 2010

Looking to have your organizing questions answered? Here is a growing list of articles and FAQ to inspire and help all of the Jewish homemakers out there all over the world! Articles and FAQ Are your counters spilling over with your kids artwork? What you MUST know about how to Organize it all! Is Feng […]

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