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Easy Cake Decorating with kids…use doilies as stencils!

Posted on 22 July 2011

Easy Cake Decorating If you want your cakes to look fancy and you don’t have a lot of time, try this easy cake decorating tip. It can work on whatever cake recipe you use! Use a doily and sprinkle cinnamon or cocoa, or icing sugar (depending on the color of the whole cake) through the […]

Packing for Summer Camp

Posted on 23 May 2011

Here is a funny article about packing for Summer Camp, written by Baila Feig, a Professional Organizer in Brooklyn, NY. Enjoy! WHERE IS MY SOLEMATE? I bet you thought this will be an article about finding your bashert …. but no – its about today’s buzzword – being organized! I know many of you are […]

How I Organize Kids Board Games

Posted on 08 May 2011

How I Organize Kids Board Games Here’s how I organize kids’ Board Games. Ready? With tall items, sometimes the best way to organize them is to turn them over so they are lying on their sides, instead of stacking them and expecting little kids to be able to extract a game from a pile and […]

How to Get Even Closer with your Kids

Posted on 03 May 2011

How to Get Even Closer with your Kids I just spent 3 weeks with my kids in Israel without the “interruption” of school, homework, and after school activities so we were pretty much together 24/7. It was a wonderful yet intense experience. My kids are all under the ages of 7. I learned a lot […]

Passover for Kids

Posted on 08 April 2011

Passover for Kids-20 Great Steps towards a Kid Friendly Seder The following is an excerpt from our infamous Passover Perfectly Organized Planner. It’s not too late to get your hands on a copy of the Passover Perfectly Organized Planner. because you still need to finish cooking and cleaning and we’ve got over 100+ Kosher for […]

Motivate your Kids to Brush Their Teeth with their very own Dental Hygiene Kit.

Posted on 06 March 2011

If you have a hard time getting your kids to brush their teeth, empower and inspire them to take “ownership” of their dental hygiene responsibility, by creating their very own dental hygiene kit with them. It is super easy! In fact, the easier the better 🙂 Go to an office supply store with your child […]

Tips for Parents-How to Organize my Kids?

Posted on 16 January 2011

I get a lot of requests to provide tips for parents on how to organize their kids. There are A LOT of books, websites, newsletters, workshops out there that provide tips for parents on how to get your child to be more organized. I’m going to be bold in making this announcement and perhaps be […]

Checklists for Kids

Posted on 10 January 2011

I make up checklists for my kids because I find they get anxious when they don’t know what their schedule is. How did I find that out? Because every weekend when I want to take it slow and unplanned, their behavior just doesn’t seem to support that! In other words, the sudden shift in our […]

What do you think of re-gifting? Shocker!!

Posted on 30 December 2010

What do you all think of re-gifting? I know, I know, it’s a shocker to even say the word in public, but I know that many of us do it, and I’d like to know what you have to say about it. My opinion? Take a guess. I’m a professional organizer for goodness sakes! I […]

5 tips for Staying Organized with Little Children

Posted on 29 September 2010

I received this question recently from a reader and wanted to answer it timely since keeping an organized home with young kids can often feel exasperating! You may feel like you are picking up litter off of the floor every hour and believe you me, you are not alone! Hi There, I like your organizing […]

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