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Passover 2011: 10 Tips for Planning Pesach on a Budget

Posted on 15 March 2011

So much of Passover 2011 is about the food so let’s start with how to save $$$ on cooking. When planning a low cost Passover 2011, there are some money saving habits you’ll want to adopt. Some of these habits may feel a bit strange to you, but hey, making Pesach is all about learning […]

Start here for these Managing it All basics.

Posted on 24 August 2010

Reprinted from the Jewish Action Magazine, written by Felisa Billet In Search of a Stress-Free Pesach? Try Calling your Local Pesach Organizer A new trend finds frum uber-organized women fusing their talents with their religious sensibilities to help Jewish women organize their homes—and their lives. Rivka Slatkin is a woman of ideas. As a professional […]

Pesach Jokes

Posted on 25 July 2010

I never told you to do this…

Pesach is Fun

Posted on 25 July 2010

Pesach is fun! Don’t believe me? This is the first year I’ve actually felt like making Pesach is fun. I really enjoy it more every year because I follow my own advice in Pesach Perfectly Organized. I couldn’t believe it when I said to my husband in the grocery store after seeing all of the […]

Pesach Advice

Posted on 25 July 2010

Want to know what other people are doing for Pesach? Find out here. Pesach advice collected. Being the researcher that I am, I am constantly interviewing homemakers who are very experienced, running a home for over 30 years. Here is some pesach advice that I want to share with you. See what can work for […]

Passover Resources

Posted on 25 July 2010

Your C.H.A.G. Passover Resources Guide courtesy of the Yom Tov Planning Center Cuisine In my Pesach Perfectly Organized Ebook, I talk a lot about meal planning, pesach recipes, substitutions for Pesach, and other cuisine tips. I highly recommend it! The following recipes are based on what I made for one Seder this past year. If […]

Making the Switch

Posted on 25 July 2010

Making the Switch from Chametz to Pesach I hope you had a wonderful Purim and that it was Perfectly Organized! Now that Pesach is 3 weeks away, there are certain things you definitely want to be doing to ensure it will go ahead smoothly. 3 weeks is a little “late” in my book, not to […]

Answering Pesach Questions

Posted on 25 July 2010

Answering Pesach Questions 1. I would like to turn over for Pesach 2 weeks ahead of time. My biggest problem is what to serve my family during that time. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for meals during the week or 2 prior to pesach? 2. Please print ideas for moms with jobs. I […]

The Post Passover Organizing Challenge

Posted on 14 July 2010

The Pre-Summer Organizing Challenge It took me eight years to realize that I really enjoy cooking, cleaning and being organized. Don’t roll your eyes! If you are someone that dreads organizing or just don’t particularly enjoy the household responsibilities that fall to you, or you can’t even imagine how I could possibly enjoy these tasks […]

The Post Passover Organizing Challenge Step Two

Posted on 14 July 2010

The Post Passover Organizing Challenge Step Two-Make sure your goals are SMART If you’re following our Post Passover Organizing Challenge, then by now you’ve identified which areas of your home you’d like to tackle from now through the end of June. (Click here to catch up on the first step of the challenge) Now, you […]

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