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Checklists for Kids

Posted on 10 January 2011

I make up checklists for my kids because I find they get anxious when they don’t know what their schedule is. How did I find that out? Because every weekend when I want to take it slow and unplanned, their behavior just doesn’t seem to support that! In other words, the sudden shift in our staying organized and planned out from minute to minute which is what our school-week looks like, to a lazy weekend with no “set in stone” schedule, seems to make them nervous and I know this because their behavior is not optimal on the weekends!

Therefore, I’ve created checklists for them with drawn out pictures of our loosely planned activities. They are both 7 and 5 years old hence the need for pictures 🙂

They love to look at the drawings and tape the page on our front door each weekend to refer to and make sure they’re on “schedule”. I’ve asked them how they like their checklists and they both really do so I’m hoping that they will provide them with a little bit more stability, even on those long days off of school.

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