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Cooking Tip-When you don’t have enough Cooking Space

Posted on 02 January 2011

Cooking Tip-When you don’t have enough Cooking Space

Here’s a cooking tip for you! When you don’t have enough cooking space, and you need to use multiple pots and pans and multiple burners, this cooking tip, that my very organized friend Tzipporah Weingot gave to me, will definitely be of a help to you.

Instead of taking up a burner and a frying pan to saute onions, which you may need for multiple recipes, why not take an aluminum pan, cut up onions and let them “saute” in the oven!

That way you don’t need to stand there and stir the onions, they’ll actually get nice and brown in the oven-saving you time and energy and counter space and pots, and burners. I thought that cooking tip was really helpful since I’m constantly sauteing onions!

3 Responses to “Cooking Tip-When you don’t have enough Cooking Space”

  1. Sara Leah Kovacs says:

    Wow! Why didn’t I think of this one before?! Thank you! I have serious vision issues and actually burned up my stove trying to saute onions. This tip is perfect for me. I never thought of trying to ‘saute’ in the oven.

  2. dalia Laitin says:

    I saute a lot of onions at one time. Cool them down, make them in to small packages and freez them. Then I use them as I need them for chollent, stew, soups ect.

  3. Shaindy says:

    You can also saute them in the the crockpot! Saves even more cooking space if you’re also using your oven.

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