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Declutter a Coat Closet

Posted on 08 December 2010

Here’s how to declutter your Coat Closet. Because coat closets are so frequently used, it’s common for them to pile up with clutter. Since this section is all about Organizing Solutions, let’s discuss the WHY behind why the coat closet tends to clutter up and then discuss organizing solutions you can apply now to declutter your coat closet.

Mostly, the coat closet clutters up because there are just too many zones going on in that one closet. For instance, some people put their sporting goods zone, their medicines, their cleaning supplies into the closet and that doesn’t even include the coats, gloves, and scarves for each member of the family!

Another reason the coat closet clutters up is that you may be sharing it with smaller children who aren’t able to put their stuff away and it ends up on the floor.

We’re also dealing with changing seasons in the coat closet and that necessitates many different types of coats!

Overwhelmed yet? Don’t be. The key to effectively decluttering your coat closet is to limit the coat closet to no more than 3 zones and to create solutions for the younger members of the family. Another very important organizing solution is constant maintenance of the coat closet due to its frequency of use.

Have no more than 3 zones of activities in your coat closet, otherwise your closet is at risk for major clutter! Take out things that can go somewhere else like the medicines, gift supplies, sporting equipment! Just leave the coat closet for coats! We will discuss other places to store your other items throughout this website but for now, please restrict the coat closet for coats, not other miscellaneous items.

As far as smaller children go, if they are unable to hang up a coat, then the rule of thumb should be that their coats don’t go into the closet. Why torture yourself with constantly having to pick up their coats from the floor and hanging them up yourself if they are not tall enough to hang up their coats themselves. Install hooks on the back of the closet door at their height for them to hang up. If you have lots of kids, you may want to install the coat hooks outside of the coat closet.

Place bins on the floor that are labeled or color coded according to member of the family or category- like hats, scarves, mittens, boots. Oh, put a donation bag that hangs from the coat closet because that is a bag you’ll want to fill up frequently when you get really good at this decluttering thing!

And lastly, stay on top of the maintenance that is required of the coat closet. Are you going to switch out for the seasons and store coats in a different closet? Or will you leave the coats in the closet all year round? It really depends on how much closet space you have in your entire house.

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