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Declutter the Laundry Room

Posted on 08 December 2010

When learning how to declutter the laundry room, it’s important to first understand what the common pitfalls of the laundry room are.

I think the laundry room tends to get cluttered because:

  • the room and the machines themselves get dirty
  • clothes pile up
  • laundry requires constant maintenance
  • there are so many categories of stains
  • deciding how to group clothes and what to treat takes effort
  • and
    , blah, blah, blah! You know what I’m talking about!

“Enough, Rivka,” you’re probably saying. “I already know how bad my laundry room is!” Now it’s time for organizing solutions. Let’s talk about how to declutter the laundry room.

Organizing Solution #1: Organizing the laundry room starts before you even enter the laundry room. You need to make a few decisions and judgment calls. For instance, how often are you able to do the laundry? Where do you need hampers- in each bedroom? Or bathroom? Where do you take off your dirty clothes? Who will be responsible for folding and putting away? Ironing? Washing?

Once you’ve made those decisions (there are no right or wrong answers, they depend on your family’s lifestyle and habits), then you are on your way towards keeping a fairly streamlined laundry room.

Organizing Solution #2:Now you can decide how to set up the laundry room:

There’s lots of things that can go into the laundry room and here’s a small list for starters. This will aid you in your decluttering process because you’ll know what should stay and what should go out of the laundry room.

A stain chart, table for folding, ironing board, steamer, stain sticks, bin for soaking, laundry cleaners, laundry bags and lingerie bags.

If you’ve got a lot of laundry room space, how about an area for gifting in the laundry room? Outgrown clothing and shoes neatly organized in clear rubbermaid bins. But ONLY if you’ve got the room!

Do you see how it’s necessary to decide how you are going to keep up your laundry before you even attack the laundry room?

Here’s a link to the stain chart which I find super valuable: Laundry Room Stain Chart

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