DIY Jewish Guides

The following is a list of DIY Jewish Organizing Guides that I’ve created for you. Some are free and some are well worth their reasonable price.

Shabbat Guides

This should be required reading for ANYONE that observes the Shabbat and wants to prepare for it in a sane, organized way, Shabbos Perfectly Organized. It’s FREE, less than 20 pages, and will teach you everything you need to know about making Shabbos well planned out and executed.

My personal favorite because I love to decorate things in my home using the DIY techniques I’ve learned over the years. Beautiful Shabbos Tables is reasonable priced at only $7 and you will learn way more than you ever thought you’d learn about adding some pizazz and color to your Shabbos table.

By the way, I decorate tables locally for an organization that hires me every year to put together their table decor for over 200 people so you can be rest assured that this report comes from my years of experience decorating tables professionally.

You can also ready my Free Table Setting Ideas Course. There’s nothing to download it just gives you more ideas for decorating your Shabbat tables. Simply follow the pages that take you from one to the next. Includes pictures from some of the events I’ve done, enjoy it and I’d love to see how you incorporate some of the diy techniques and tips into your own Shabbat table.

Jewish Holiday DIY Guides

The very first ebook I wrote was the Yom Tov Perfectly Organized Collection. I had been taking notes every year since I had gotten married on each of the Holidays, pre and post, but only for myself. I was asked to share my notes with friends and family so I wrote it for the general public and made it available to download for the very reasonable price of $27. I am now pretty good at making the Jewish Holidays comprehensively after years of following my own guide. Nuff Said! 🙂 It’s actually our MOST POPULAR ebook and some have told me that it is a lifesaver!

It became necessary to collect notes on what to do when Passover falls out on a Saturday night, after a whole Shabbos! I call it Pesach Perfectly Organized Plus and it comes FREE with the Yom Tov Perfectly Organized guide above, otherwise $7 on its own.

You may also want to download the What to do when Rosh Hashanah is a 3 day Holiday and that’s also a free guide for you available here:

General Home DIY Guides
An essential ebook that Jewish homes shouldn’t be without since keeping a Kosher kitchen can sometimes be confusing, How to Organize your Kosher Kitchen is only $7. I’m strictly Kosher by the way, Glatt, Orthodox, Mehadrin, whatever the strictest form of Kosher that exists out there, I’m it!

Possibly my largest ebook and one of my favorites again because of the decorating information in it is, Organize, Shmorganize, DECORganize (free). I believe learning how to organize and decorate at the same time is a lot more fun than just organizing on it’s own and I do both whenever possible. I just think it’s a more effective way to achieve longer lasting organization.

If you’re looking for a how-to guide on a specific Jewish organizing strategy and you did not find your answer here, click over to our Contact Form and just ask – we’ll let you know what we’ve read or written, and point you in the right direction!