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Download a Book to Save on Shelf Space

Posted on 11 January 2011

Download a book if your home is overrun with books. “No way, you might be thinking, “I love to hold a book in my hands!” I know, I know, as my husband says, there’s nothing like holding a book and reading it in your hands.

I can relate to that, can you? One of my absolute Shabbos (Sabbath) activities is to lie down on the couch Friday night and cozy on up with a tea and a novel. Anyone else out there love to do that? I absolutely look forward to that time 🙂

While I love to read avidly, I do not like buying novels because they take up so much space and fill up the house with more clutter and since I don’t love to read novels more than once a year, I think it’s a waste of my money.

So here’s what I did. Ready?

I’m usually the last person to get with technology but I bought a Kindle! Whoo hoo! Ever seen one? A Kindle is the BEST combination of feeling like you “own” books while at the same time being able to download a book, and another book, and another book for a low fee. They even make a scrolly type of button at the bottom that almost gives you the “feel” of turning a page! Guys, I have to tell you, it’s the BEST way to cut out book clutter! Yay! (I’m sending you the link to look at getting one that has a slightly bigger screen because my eyes are bad)

You really have the best of both worlds with the Kindle because it’s not like you have to go download a book and save it onto your computer, remembering where you saved it. You wouldn’t want to do that for pleasurable reading purposes anyhow, that would be more like “reference” material stored onto your computer.

The Kindle would be for all of the novels you want to read and don’t want to take up space on your bookshelves with.

The only downside of a Kindle is that you can’t use it on Shabbos! 🙁 For Shabbos I always go to the library.

You can also download Jewish books onto your Kindle. So definitely get one for yourself if you want to cut down on future book clutter. We’ll just have to talk about how to get rid of past book clutter for every book you’ve purchased up until now 🙂

Click here to download a book of your choice.

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