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Free Organizing Printables

Posted on 18 July 2010

Free Jewish Holiday Reminder Service

I personally don’t like the feeling of being unprepared before the holidays so I’ve created this monthly holiday reminder service for myself and for you.

Free Organizing Printables

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Click the links below to view all the free Jewish Life Organizing printables.

New printables and articles are added on a regular basis – so RSS (that’s the NEW way to bookmark a site – see the white box in the navigation bar)

Printing Tip: To view the printables, right click your mouse and click Save Target As into a file on your own computer. Most of the files are pdf documents and most computers will open these automatically.
  • 4 Week Shabbos Menu Plan-The menu I use and rotate every 4 weeks for Shabbos. I tend to use the same foods Friday and Shabbos and you can adjust to your own needs. Click here
  • Everything you need to know about making Chanukah-Follow this 3 week countdown to making Chanukah Perfectly Organized. Right Click to Print
  • Cleaning PLUS Organizing Checklists- on the web you can find checklists of what to clean and how often, and here at JLO you’ll find the added benefit of what to organize and how often. click here
  • 8 week Countdown to Pesach-keep this list for reference and look to it each week! Right Click to Print
  • Chanukah Gift List-Piggybacking on Chanukah Perfectly Organized is another checklist to keep you on top of Chanukah. Feel free to use it for other holidays as well. Right Click to Print
  • Purim Seudah Chart-If you are not making the Purim Seudah, give this to your hostess. Right Click to Print
  • Sample Shabbos Schedule-Even the most creative spirit can learn to create a weekly shabbos schedule. Right Click to Print
  • Shavuos Floral Arrangements-Fun ways to use flowers on Shavuos. Right Click to Print
  • Your Personal Recipe Organizer-Organize your recipes according to what you have on hand and keep track of the feedback on it! Right Click to Print
  • 3 Steps to Taming Rosh Hashanah Meal Madness!-There are a lot of meals to plan during the High Holidays. Here’s how to start.Right Click to Print

Some of my Favorite Printables!

Because organizing advice out there on the internet is so vast, and some of it rarely applies to organizing Jewish homes, I wrote a collection of ebooks JUST on organizing Yom Tov, with LOTS of printables inside. You’ve got to check them out…very useful…

Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkos, Purim, and Pesach Printables

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