Free Organizing Tips for November 14-20 and a Chanukah Gift for you!

Posted on 14 November 2010

Free Organizing Tips for November 14-20 and a Chanukah Gift for you!

Jewish Life’s Weekly Organizing Checklist

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_____ Purging and decluttering is of utmost importance if you want a home that is free of clutter. I’m amazed at how much clutter can pile up if you are not AGGRESSIVE in purging it. Before my baby was born 4 weeks ago, I purged and purged and purged. I didn’t even think my house had enough to purge but surely it did and you know what? It wasn’t even enough. Deal with your clutter everyday, picking things up off the floor and off the counters always wondering in your mind if it can be purged. If you answer is frequently no, you are not purging enough!

_____ Follow the 1 in 1 out rule. If you bring home a new pair of shoes, out goes a pair in your closet. Better yet, out goes two. Get a tax deduction by donating them or just do a mitzvah and give to a friend.

_____ If you have young children or babies at home and are struggling to get them to sleep through the night or on a schedule, I can’t recommend Tracy Hogg’s book, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer and The Baby Whisperer Solves all of your Problems enough. Your life will become EASY (there’s a reason I say EASY, it’s one of her most important acronyms, Eat, Activity, Sleep and You time) because you’ll know when the baby wants to eat, sleep, etc so you can distinguish between his/her cries and also figure out when you can have a break. If you don’t have babies at home, buy the book for someone that does!

_____ It’s getting cold out so time to make sure everyone has a coat, hat, pair of gloves, and a scarf. You really don’t need many pairs of each, one or two will do. Figure out a great place in the home to store these items. You can hang them up, store them in a drawer, place them in a basket under or on a shelf, or store in a furniture unit with drawers.

_____ Make a list of everyone you need to give Chanukah gifts to and then write down next to their name, what you plan on making or giving. Speaking of which, here’s a free Chanukah present for you- entitled Chanukah Perfectly Organized designed to get all of your Chanukah prep under control and seamless! Feel free to share with friends!

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