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Posted on 18 July 2010

Not sure what to treat yourself to? Or to get your friend? Get a gift the household will really enjoy. 

Gift ideas on an organizing site? Exactly. I feel like it is such a waste when I’ve given a gift that the recipient doesn’t seem to enjoy and vice versa and they sit and collect dust. That’s why I’m including a list of gifts here for you to give to your Jewish friends. Feel free to share it with friends and family (hint, hint 🙂

These gift ideas are ideal for the Jewish family that is busy, large, tired, and kosher because they are consumable.

The Practical

  • Judaica, i.e., a kiddush fountain, bencher holder, washing set, havdalah set, anything to do with shabbos candles, shtender
  • gift certificates with services, for example, an interior designer, handyman, babysitter, professional organizer, cleaning help, landscaper, painter.
  • anything to expedite cooking-another freezer, fridge, dishwasher, stove (mind you, a little less personal)
  • a do it yourself website to earn a little extra income
  • Music, art, drama lessons

The FUN but still consumable

  • tickets to a game, theme park
  • chocolate
  • renting out a private pool
  • Skincare, Handcreme, Shave gel, lotions and potions that are pure such as the Arbonne International’s Vegan Skin care line for Men, Women, and Children.

The Splurge

  • an hour with a personal shopper/image consultant
  • massage, manicure
  • sefarim
  • music CDs
  • jewelery, cufflinks
  • Makeup
  • The list of gifts for frum people above can really be used by anyone and the reason I included this page is that I’d like to encourage friends to start giving practical and consumable gifts that do not sit around and collect dust.

    You know the Gemarah says that the highest form of tzedakah is to give someone a job. That is why I mentioned the website as a gift. A gift that would enable someone to make extra money? That’s an awesome gift. Feel free to ask me more about how I do it.

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