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Hiding Dirt Through Your Decor

Posted on 17 August 2010

Do you want to put your house more on maintenance mode? Believe it or not, a house can look clean (even if its not!) if you decorate in a way that hides dirt.

You can achieve this through using dirt colors and patterns, because it’s much harder to see dirt through those choices. Choose pattern for your furniture and flooring because that will hide dirt. Solid colors in general will show stains. For instance, a solid color tile with white grout is a lot more likely to show dirt than a textured floor tile with brown or neutral grout. By texture on the floor tile I mean something with  swirl or indentations in the tiles.

As far as furniture goes, you can choose furniture with outdoor fabrics that are washable or furniture with indoor fabric that is textured like nubby chenille or chintz, or even just fabric with tightly woven patterns that aren’t even so noticeable. Blend with a carpeting that is tightly woven and more sandy colored (like dirt!) or even carpet with a patterned area rug over it, say 11×13 size. You can also look for a wipeable floorcloth, or you can even paint your own oilcloth!

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