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Holiday Table Setting Ideas

Posted on 29 December 2010

I’m always looking for great holiday table setting ideas. Over the years, I’ve accumulated things that I keep in a “holiday cabinet”. It’s simply an overstuffed cabinet in my office that is full of items for holidays 🙂

Holiday Table Setting Ideas for ChanukahSo this past Chanukah, I took out all of my collections and instead of randomly spreading them across the table, I chose to contain each collection in glass vases. As far as collections go, they look best when contained in holders that will fit snugly around them. They will also look best when grouped in odd numbers. Don’t ask me why, but odd numbers always work best. It’s a decorating principle.

In this picture, you’ll see a collection of bows, dreidels, silver wintery looking things, and candles. I also had a piece of white coral in there because I needed 5 items to make it a collection of odd numbers!

Anyhow, you can apply these holiday table setting ideas to practically any holiday you celebrate. Take out your collection of items, sort through them, purge what you don’t want and then decide how you’ll contain and display them.

I’d love for you to comment below and let me know what you think! Below are some pictures of the rest of my house 🙂

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