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Home Interior Makeovers

Posted on 14 July 2010

How to get the spaces and areas in your home that you want without doing major construction.

Because being observant has space requirements, such as, needing a guest space for stay over guests or a Passover cook space, performing home interior makeovers on existing spaces can give you the function you need.

This is with or without construction. You don’t have to hire a contractor necessarily. I’ll give you some examples of how you can make slight changes or what I like to call “home interior makeovers” and get what you need.

Home Interior Makeover #1

Let’s say you don’t have a linen closet, or enough space for all of your linens. There are several ways, depending on how limited for space you are. You can put a series of shelves behind the toilet on the wall and put your sheets, towels, and other linens. Or, if you can’t use the wall itself, place a spacesaver like this one

Juliet Spacesaver

behind every toilet in the house. Roll up small towels and put them in baskets, stack pillow cases with fitted and topsheets tucked inside of the pillowcase. Now you have a linen “closet”.

Home Interior Makeover #2

We all need room in the dining room for serving food and keeping all serving pieces and utensils together. For this, you can be so creative. You don’t necessarily need the matching dining room set with hutch and server. You can put two to three nightstands together creating a uniform “server”. Place a table runner going across all the nightstands and keep serving pieces inside the drawers, or just use the top surfaces (like I did in my dining room 🙂

Instead of a hutch, you can mount shelving going across the longest wall in your dining room, and stack your china dishes, bowls, glasses, saucers, really everything. This will free up your floor space and you can put your server underneath.

Having less pieces of large furniture on the floor will allow more space for guests to get up, go to the kitchen, wash, sit back down, get up and help, babies to toddle around, etc.

This picture happens to be of a kitchen, but you can certainly do the same thing in your dining room.

Home Interior Makeover #3

A seperate sleeping space for guests. This is hard if your home is small. Depending on your guests (is it a couple? single? stranger?) you really need to give them privacy and make sure you have enough privacy. In my opinion, it is ideal to have a seperate bathroom for guests, if possible to have guests on a seperate floor.

I like privacy and I think you will too once you notice what a mechaye it is to not have to worry about sharing bathroom space or walking into a guest in the middle of the night.

Can you do something with your basement to make it somewhat comfortable for guests? Would a folding screen give enough privacy? Can you turn your playroom couch into a double trundle bed?

Think about it, perhaps there is a touch you can make to double up the space of a room to use it for guests when needed.

If you are cringing when I mention putting guests in your basement, don’t. If you have an extra refrigerator down there, guests will actually really appreciate that. They may have needed to bring extra food or something that needs to be refrigerated.

Trust me, we can make it work.

One word of wisdom– don’t plan your home around your guest room. Meaning, use all of the rooms in your home. When it comes time to have guests, then you can make changes. If not, rooms go unused or they tend to get “junked”.

Home Interior Makeover #4-Pesach Kitchen

For those of you with a Pesach kitchen, enjoy it! For the rest of us, we can make do. One way requires a little bit of construction, the other doesn’t. Let’s start with the easy option.

Put an oven in your basement with a freezer and a long table. Designate the oven and freezer for Pesach and you can cook anytime down there! (Keeping a few shelves stocked with Pesach goods and Pesach cooking utensils too). It’s not hard to set this up and this way when you feel inspired, you can get some of the cooking done before Pesach.

Get a copy of the Pesach course before Pesach starts!

If you can do a little construction, think about this. Put a wall behind your existing kitchen cabinets (still in the kitchen) and mount cabinets to the back of this wall. In this little alcove, add a stove, (maybe a dishwasher) and some countertops. The nook could be tiny but at least it is still in your kitchen area.

Home Interior Makeover #5- Mudroom

I finally got over my mudroom jealousy and created one.

You see, my home opens up to the living room, dining room, so you walk right into the main areas.

I wanted a place for the family to put away backpacks, papers, shoes, coats, etc.

So what did I do?

I have a large armoire (you can use a bookcase) which was flat against the wall. I turned it perpendicular to the door so you see the back of it. I then attached sticky hooks to it and placed a bench right in front of it. Under the bench I put baskets.

Now I have a place to dump stuff right near the front door! My very own mudroom.

You can create a mudroom too, or section off areas of a room by doing just what I did. Pulling a large bookcase or armoire into the middle of an area divyies off that space.

Or, you can treat yourself to a hallway tree.
It will look better than the back of a bookcase.


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