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How to Declutter a Cabinet

Posted on 08 December 2010

How to Declutter a Kitchen Cabinet, or any Cabinet for that Matter!

I thought of this nifty little tip for decluttering a cabinet recently when I was frustrated with my children’s long board games. After taking all of the toys out of this cabinet and organizing them too often for my taste, I decided that the way I was storing the games in this particular cabinet was not working.

Then I realized what the problem was. I don’t know about you, but when I start organizing, I first tend to stack items on top of each other in neat piles. There was the problem. I wanted my young kids to be able to keep their toys neat in the toy cabinet, but was expecting them to keep things in neat stacks on top of each other, necessitating them lifting out one game from another? Not gonna happen.

So, I took each game and laid it on it’s side. They were all in boxes thankfully, so the wide cabinet ended up being full from side to side with each board game laying on its side, with the length sticking out from the front of the cabinet to the back. Get it? I organized the games the long way instead of piles.

When you have items that are hard to stack, try lying them on their sides and then storing them vertically instead of horizontally, or stack them side to side rather than from top to bottom. Look at the picture of these pillows. They could have been stacked from top to bottom but instead, they are stored from side to side, filling up the wide berth of the cabinets.

Apply this principle to any cabinet you wish to declutter. I’m thinking, pots and pans and baking pans on their sides in a kitchen cabinet. Pretty much just look at the items you wish to declutter, and store them the way the item is shaped in a cabinet of a similar shape. Tall appliances should go in more narrow tall cabinets, wide pans should go in a wide cabinet. Store items in like shapes.

And in general, try to always store loose things in containers from the teeniest collection of buttons, pens, stamps, mail, whatever, it just looks better to contain items in a container that is shaped similar to your collection.

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  1. […] _____ Printable Checklist Tip #1-Contain the items in your cabinets by fitting them into containers that are the same size as your items. For instance, if you are organizing a bunch of little items like loose change, paper clips, rubberbands, you may want to use a muffin tin to separate the items. If you’re organizing a drawer with large, tall appliances, store them in a tall cabinet or drawer. You want the space around the item to fit tightly. Learn more about decluttering cabinets here. […]

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