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Is my house really organized? The TRUTH!

Posted on 08 May 2011

our officeI know you’ve come to and thought for a moment, “I wonder if her house is really organized?”. I know, I know and I’ve wondered the same thing of other professional organizers!

Here’s what I have to say. Yes my house is organized and yes it can be messy too 🙂

I’ve shown lots of pictures of my own homein my DECORganize email series and you’ll get a little bit of a feel for how my house looks.

My house is not perfect, my kids dump LEGO everywhere and certainly have the freedom to play pretty much anywhere. Here’s where it matters though.

I can clean up in about 5 minutes. That’s because everything has a place. That’s not to say I don’t change the place often, because I’m always working on improving what I’ve set up, but that’s the difference.

Your goal should be a fun, messy at times home, but the difference is in how you can put it all away.

Can you easily straighten up when someone calls to say they’re coming over in 5 minutes? Do you have places for things or do you just shove items in the closet? I never do that and so the answer to my question is- Yes, my home is organized.

Take advantage of all of my free resources if you would also like to have a home that is organized. Sign up for all of my free material and just keep on truckin! You’ll get there 🙂

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