How Do You Turn a Complete Beginner into an Expert on Making the Jewish Holidays? Give Them a Copy of the Jewish Holiday Perfectly Organized Collection!



Even if You’re A Complete Beginner, You Can Perfectly Plan and Host the Jewish Holidays…with Help from

Jewish Holidays require a bit of planning, especially Passover. I can remember being newly married and asking people I knew that had been making Passover for thirty years how they did it so beautifully, feeling a bit intimidated and overwhelmed by their efficiency! Now I’m proud to say that I get asked that same question 🙂

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible even for a complete beginner to plan and host the Jewish Holidays, you’re in the right place! I used to wonder the same thing, having never hosted them before myself until I got married.

I’d like to invite you into my world of taking the overwhelm out of the Jewish Holidays and de-mystifying them for you, by GIVING you the the notes and plans that I created originally for our family so that I wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel before each Jewish holiday.

My plans for the Jewish Holidays are plans that I’ve been using for over 5 years now and going strong- with updates I’ve made along the way up through Passover 2011. I’ve literally thought of everything I could possibly need to do in order to prepare for the Jewish Holidays. I’m a bit anal 😉

There’s a LOT To Do in Planning For the Jewish Holidays But, No Worries, I’ve Already Done All the Work For You!

For over 9 years now I’ve been in my own home for the Jewish holidays. We don’t have lots of family to go to so I pretty much have everything at my house.

Before every Jewish Holiday, I would make lists and notes to plan each detail for every Jewish Holiday and after each Holiday was over, I would jot down what worked and what didn’t work. You know what I realized? There’s a LOT to plan out. I realized that I actually liked planning each and every detail out in advance. But I know that a lot of you HATE doing that planning and wish someone would just TELL you what to do!

I realized after my lists and notes became really comprehensive, that more people could benefit from my sharing these plans with them.

After much encouragement from my husband and some friends, I realized thatsharing my plans with more Jewish homemakers could put so many more people at ease, ESPECIALLY the beginners out there!

There is simply no point for you to stress out before every Jewish Holiday, wondering where in the world you need to start with cooking and cleaning and shopping, when I already have it all planned out for you! Why stress out and waste your time?

(Please, read that last sentence over a few times. Write it down on a piece of paper, tape it on your refrigerator, and put it in your heart 🙂

I know, I know, it’s a Mitzvah to cook and clean and grocery shop and we are used to running our homes a certain way or just feel like we SHOULD figure it out ourselves. (hello any Type A personalities out there?) I mean, how hard can it be, right?

Wrong! If we’re all cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping for Passover anyway, why shouldn’t we collaborate together and share our strategies and techniques? If there’s any easier way out there and someone’s already done all the work for you, why not use it to your advantage???

I know, I know, You’re thinking, “Shouldn’t I Really Work Harder to Do It All Myself? I Mean, How Hard Can It Be?”

We’re Stubborn. I don’t know if it’s the being Jewish thing or being a Jewish homemaker a.k.a., the Momma Bear, but perhaps you feel like you should do it all yourself. Or at least figure out what you need to do to get it all done, I mean, “How hard can this planning be?”, you’re thinking.

Anyone ever hear of “Supermom”? I don’t know what it is, peer pressure, a very high standard, but often I see that us Jewish women want to do it ourselves.

I guess I’m just very open and sometimes not as private as I should be, but when I was a beginner, I researched and interviewed the women I knew who made hosting look so easy-I wanted to know just what they were doing that made their Jewish Holiday cooking, shopping, baking, and organizing seem so easy. And once I got the information from the women I knew had it all together and combined it with my own experience and knowledge, I knew I had to get that information out to many more people than just myself. That’s how the Jewish Holiday Perfectly Organized Collection was born.

Let me ask you this. How many people can you call on right now who will sit down with you and walk you through EVERYTHING that you need to get done for the Holidays? If you’re a beginner learning this all on your own, maybe not too many. And what if you’re NOT a beginner and a little too embarrassed to even ask?

Would you ask the Jewish women you see in the Kosher butcher or Kosher grocery that look impeccably dressed, the ones you’re sure whose houses are immaculate, that you’re a teeny bit intimidated by?

Here’s What I know to be True.

Because I grew up with two parents that became religious later in life, I didn’t always “get” the traditional spirit of Jewish homemaking from my own family.

I hate to say it, but if you don’t grow up with that traditional, experiential spirit of the Jewish home, it’s much harder. I know that to be true because that’s what I personally experienced.

So what did I Do? The Same Thing You Would Do except Now You Don’t Have to Reinvent the Wheel!

I went on and interviewed 10 expert, experienced Jewish Homemakers on what they did to properly plan, perfect, and polish each and every Jewish Holiday. I combined that with my own experience and Voila! The Jewish Holiday Perfectly Organized Collection was born!

Are you wondering whether getting my plans are worth $37 when you could do the same thing yourself? Again, I think many of us suffer from “Supermom” complex, thinking that we have to do EVERYTHING ourselves. I’ve learned a lot about what makes business people successful and in almost all of my studies, the idea of valuing your time and effectively “outsourcing” the things that take you a lot of time. Or, put another way: Stay focused on the things you love to do, are passionate about, and excel at rather than spreading yourself too thin in areas you don’t love.

That’s where this plan comes in.

The quality of the material in the Jewish Holiday Perfectly Organized Collection are unlike anything I’ve ever seen out there in any book or website. I’m not just blowing hot air trying to get you to buy, I’m actually referring to the data, that there is no other comprehensive material quite like this out there. I know because I’ve looked for it myself!

You’ll get how organizing techniques, cleaning and shopping advice, checklists and solutions to your challenges that you’d never come across otherwise.

  • Meal Planning help
  • Over 100+ Recipes
  • Master checklists
  • Cleaning, shopping, cooking guides
  • Tips for how to engage the rest of the family
  • Advice for when Shabbos coincides with Yom Tov
  • Budgeting and schedules for each holiday
  • Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur/Sukkos/Purim and Pesach Guides

That’s certainly a great value for $37. The books in the Yom Tov Perfectly Organized Collection are not spiritual discourses on the meaning of the holidays. If that’s what you’re looking for, these books may not be for you.

These books are strictly on homemaking responsibilities for each Jewish Holiday and not anything but!

Less than 5 minutes from now you’ll have access to the planning guides that so many others have benefited from…Read some Testimonials

This year I can FINALLY STOP DREADING the Passover preparation because I can follow your amazingly comprehensive guide, step-by-step and not feel so LOST anymore! Now I know EXACTLY WHAT needs to be done WHEN it needs to be done in order to get Passover made on time. You’re ebooks are truly GIFTS from Hashem! Thank you a MILLION times!- Sarah Zeldman

I ordered Pesach Perfectly Organized and have to say that this is a mechaiah!! Thank you very much — I wish I’d had this 10 years ago!! I live in Toledo, Ohio, which is too small a Jewish community to have everything I need to make Pesach. To buy everything I need to make Pesach, I have to go to Detroit, which is a 2 1/2 hour round trip. We’ve been here for 12 years now, and every year I live in fear that I’ll forget something and have to make another trip. I always start early, since I have a lot to do and don’t have other women in my family to help. I love Pesach, as well as the challenge, and it has made me become more organized. Still, I usually get overwhelmed at some point. It is so wonderful to have YOUR checklists and planning tools. Even though I already had my own system, I still am finding yours to be tremendously helpful. Many, many thanks, not only for your Shabbas and Pesach guides, but also your entire approach!-B.C.

By the way, your e-books have changed my life! Thanks so much for sharing your service!

I’m a customer of your products (and I love them!) – S.P

I purchased your ebooks about two years ago and absolutely love them! Thanks so much and I always look forward to your weekly emails.- S.W

Your website was so full of such useful, practical information that I wondered what I could possibly get if I bought the organizers, but oy! no need to worry – more great ideas and true help that was worth far more than what I paid! I am looking forward to years of stress-free, PEACEFUL holidays! Thank you! Thank you!

I am enjoying the course very much. I am not looking at the calendar each day and panicking because there is so much to do. I just do a little each day. I’m even going to have it together enough to paint my kitchen before Passover. I’ve said that for the last 2 years! It’s getting done this year. So thanks. It’s very useful.

We had a lovely Pesach. I enjoyed your course because it helped us focus on what needed to be done. It also promoted the idea of teamwork in my household among us 3 females (mom and 2 teenage girls).

Even though the Chagim are over I found this ebook very helpful. The organization tips are very valuable for any situation. I liked the sample calendars and lists.

Thank you Rivka Slatkin! Being Newly Religious, and “Domestically Challenged” Pesach preparations always freaks me out! As soon as Purim is over, (or even before) I start worrying about Passover! I’m always worried that I don’t know how to prepare properly and I get easily overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done.

Ready to get your hands on the ONLY Jewish Holiday Planning Comprehensive Package that Exists out there on the Internet and Beyond???

I think you are 🙂

Because I’ve chosen to print my ebooks electronically, you will have them forever on your computer, available to print year after year after year, they cannot be consumed.

Get Your Own Copy of the Jewish Holiday Perfectly Organized Collection

Click here to order the Ebook version of the Jewish Holiday Perfectly Organized Collection for $27

Good Yom Tov!

Rivka Slatkin

P.S: Pricing is subject to change on the Jewish Holiday Ebook Collection

P.P.S: Once you purchase your Copy of the Jewish Holiday Perfectly Organized Collection, you’ll receive an email with all of the links to download your product. SAVE THAT EMAIL so you can have it for years to come of future Jewish Holidays!

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