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Jewish Holidays in April

Posted on 18 July 2010

When do the Jewish Holidays in April fall out again? Resources designed to help you.

You’ve got to tell your non-jewish associates when you won’t be available due to the busy Jewish holidays in april, especially (dum de dum) ahem Pesach.

And, it would be ideal if you could tell them with plenty of time in advance, preventing misunderstandings and mishaps.

I was guilty of not telling my associates IN ADVANCE about when I’d need off, intermediate holidays, main holidays, fast days, and had run into some uncomfortable situations.

Then, my father said, “I have this Chagim software on my Palm, do you want to use it?” I’ve bought several Palms since then and transfered it over to each one.

It’s essential. And you can download it as a free trial. After your 30 day trial, I believe the cost is $15. Grab your copy of Chagim here.

Resources to connect you to other Jewish Homemakers

It always helps to connect to other people when you need assistance.

Here’s a link to a site that is specifically geared to bringing the frum community together. The best way to benefit from it is to “help and be helped”. Someone may be posting a question you can answer or perhaps your business could offer a service to someone else that may need it.

Hard to find Jewish Resources on the Internet

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