Jewish Homemaking Weekly Printable Checklist for July 12-July 19

Posted on 12 July 2011

Jewish Homemaking Weekly Printable Checklist for July 12-July 19

Jewish Homemaking Weekly Printable Checklist for July 12- July 19

_____ Make a note of the Three Weeks and the 9 Days on your calendar. The Three Weeks are almost here with the fast of Tammuz on July 19. The Three weeks and the Jewish month of Av are times that are notoriously inauspicious for the Jewish people -going back to the time when our Temples were destroyed and even now up until the present. There are things we aren’t supposed to do during the 9 days so make them a part of your summer plans (i.e. swimming, weddings, home improvement)

_____ Settle old hurts and upsets with others. Realize that most of your upset really does involve EGO, whether it’s your own or someone else’s. Commit to being connected, express your feelings out of that commitment, and everything else will follow. Read more about how to do that here:

_____ Finish up home improvements before the 3 weeks or even after (August 10). If you’re planning on painting your home or the deck or whatever other exciting project you’d like to complete, do it now or schedule it on the calendar for after the 9th of Av.

_____ Begin thinking about dairy meals to cook during the 9 days. If you need to stock up on cheeses and pastas, do so and begin thinking about what recipes you can use during this time.

_____ Take advantage of the school supply sales that are going on now, even if you don’t have school age kids at home. Take inventory of your home office and see what it is you need to make your home office complete!

Much success with your Jewish Homemaking weekly printable checklist!

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