Looking to Grow your Jewish Professional Organizing Business? Feature your business in our Jewish Professional Organizing Directory.

Attention: Please continue reading ONLY if you are a Professional Organizer with an ACTIVE professional organizing business that you are looking to grow.

Jewish-life-organized.com would love to assist you in growing your Jewish professional organizing business (whether or not you are Jewish, just open to learning about the Jewish community!) by listing your business in our Professional organizing directory.

I love being in the Professional Organizer Directory of Jewish-Life-Organized.com. It gives me exposure to the Jewish market who need my services. I was interviewed by a writer of a premier Jewish magazine when she ‘Googled’ Jewish Professional Organizer and I was found through Rivka Slatkin’s website, which, by the way comes up as #1! Who wouldn’t want to be part of a website that comes up first on Google?! -Baila Feig, Whyorganizingworks.com

Imagine your phone ringing off the hook with New Clients excited to talk with you because they found you easily through us!

Why You Should List your Business With JLO

(You don’t have to be Jewish to list, just that you’d like to work within the Jewish community)

  • Your name and website will be part of a successful site that’s been around for years
  • You’ll be in front of a worldwide audience even if you are outside of the US your business can be patronized
  • Your business will be on the most highly ranked Jewish Organizing and Homemaking site in Google and one that is a household name!/li>
  • You’ll be featured on a website that is featured in national publications which are mailed to Jewish communities in ALL areas
  • Your business will be exposed to a tight niche of readers specifically looking for hands-on organizing help, NOW!

Listing your business in a Professional Organizing Directory that caters to a tight niche is a very Savvy Business Decision.

I’ve paid to list my own local business in a local directory of other Professional Organizers for at least 5 years now and I STILL get business from it no matter how many other organizers are listed on there 🙂

Benefits of Membership:

Membership Benefit #1: “Build Your Business” Monthly Training Call

JLO members can join Rivka each month for a business development teleclass designed to deliver marketing and motivation strategies that will help grow your business. These teleclasses with VETERAN ORGANIZERS will not only excite and motivate you but will put your business in acceleration mode!

Some of the training topics include:

# Marketing Strategies
# Time Management
# Attitude & Success
# Branding
# Client Attraction
# Networking
# Creating Your Niche Market
# Troubleshooting Organizing Challenges
# How to gain more clients!

I think you’ll also enjoy:

#The opportunity to see what other organizers are doing in other cities and countries with their businesses
#Continuing education in the general field of Organizing
#The opportunity to become familiar with all aspects of working with the Jewish population in your LOCAL area
#The opportunity to troubleshoot client issues and to be able to ask ANY questions related to organizing and your business from veteran professional organizers!

Membership Benefit #2: The Opportunity to post articles on Jewish-life-organized.com.
This will give you and your articles exposure that will help build your business, through instant credibility, expert status, and mention of your website.

Membership Benefit #3: Advertise Events
Jewish-life-organized.com PO members will have the opportunity to advertise their events in the EVENTS section on our website.

Membership Benefit #4: Business Profile
As a member you will have the opportunity to create a business profile in which you can enter your picture, your bio, your website information and your logo. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your business and website exposure.

Membership Benefit #5: JLO Logo
As a member you’ll receive the JLO logo to put on your website.

Okay Rivka, I’m ready to list my Professional Organizing business in your directory for $14.90 per month!

P.S. There are no setup fees or contract required, just a monthly charge of $14.90 for as long as you want your business to appear in the directory. If you are not gaining business for whatever reason, let us know and we’ll remove your listing. It’s Risk Free!

After you pay for listing, please email advertising AT jewish-life-organized.com with your Name, Business Name, Contact Info, Website, and Description of what you specialize in and what you want your future clients to know about you! We will post your listing within 24-48 hours.

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