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Posted on 18 July 2010

Free Organizing Kosher Kitchen Course

I get a lot of requests on organizing kosher kitchens. So I’ve created a 6 part organizing course for you called “Kosher Kitchens Perfectly Organized…how to run and set up a well organized and efficient kitchen.”

This free course is about how to set up a kosher kitchen. If you are looking for more detail about how to actually organize a kosher kitchen, I suggest you get my $7 ebook on How to Organize Kosher Kitchens here at this link: How to Organize a Kosher Kitchen
It is similar to my Yom Tov Perfectly Organized series in that it provides a lot of details and is based on real-live interviews with successful Jewish homemakers, and different because it is FREE!

Click here to go to Part I of the Kosher Kitchens Course

You may also want to look ahead at the products I recommend you use to organize your kosher kitchen. They are available at this link. That way when you start reading, you’ll understand why I specifically selected these products.

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