Countdown to a Kosher Passover- Week One

Posted on 25 March 2011

Countdown to a Kosher Passover-  Week One

Countdown to a Kosher Passover- Week One

Establish a Pesach Center, Food Shop Phase I, Cleaning Phase I

1. Order your Meat now before the prices go up

2. Organize and Clean out your Closets. You decide what the difference between spring cleaning and cleaning for Pesach is! If you can devote some time to streamlining what clothing fits and no longer fits, you will have a head start on the next tip which is to start shopping for yourself and the family to make sure you have new Yom Tov outfits and shoes that fit.

3. Start shopping for clothing sales now and create family clothing sizes charts before you shop to know what everyone needs

4. Clean the upstairs rooms from back to front starting with the closets and storage centers in each bedroom, such as drawers and bureaus, so you know they are chometz-free and could potentially have stuff moved into them in order for you to clean each room. This begins your first phase of cleaning- bedrooms, closets, guest rooms, and storage areas.

5. If you have made Pesach before, look over your Pesach Kitchen Inventory and determine what kitchen and cooking items you need this year. Purchase them brand new and then on to Toivel (dip them in the ritual bath for utensils). If you have never made a Kosher Passover before, everything that you purchase now for Passover will go into your Passover Kitchen Inventory. Designate a place in your basement, or kitchen cabinets to stow away all Kosher Passover Goods.

6. Create a pantry on the main floor to store your non perishable Kosher Passover grocery items in and that way you can start shopping early. Now would be a good time to order your Matzahs. If you don’t have room to create a separate pantry for Passover goods, start to move your chametz foods out of this newly assigned Kosher Passover food area. Find a list of Kosher all year round brands that happen to be Kosher for Passover as wel so you are not limited to buying expensive Passover brands. Do this step after Purim and instead of putting all of the food you received over Purim back into the pantry, keep paper bags on the floor lined up against your hallway or dining room so everyone knows all of that food is no longer going back into the pantry, but that the pantry now is being used to stow Pesach non perishables.

That’s it for Week One, your first Solid Week of preparation towards making Pesach in 30 days. You did it! Congrats! If you wish to see all 4 weeks in one glance with audio/visual instruction walking you through the process, treat yourself to a copy of the Jewish Holiday Perfectly Organized Planning Guides.

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