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Last Minute Purim Costumes

Posted on 25 July 2010

Last Minute Purim Costumes

I might have told you about how one year I made last minute Purim costumes for myself and my sister with a simple cardboard box. I hadn’t planned a costume and when searching for last minute purim costumes I saw my dentist’s magnet on our fridge in the shape of a tooth.

What do you know! I became a tooth for purim. My sister followed and wore a listerine costume. At our Purim party, we hung out with the toothbrush that we didn’t even know would be there.

If you want BETTER Last minute Purim Costume ideas, I suggest you read Sarah Zeldman’s Purim guide which covers things like No-sew costumes, something I do not cover in Purim Perfectly Organized.

Quick, Homemade Purim Costume Ideas

By: Purim Made Easy

You might be able to find some leftover Halloween costumes for Purim in your neighborhood. However, when you consider the cost and lack of originality, homemade costumes are a more fun and oftentimes more cost-effective option. Plus, if you involve your children in creating the homemade costumes, the results will be worth more than any store-bought costume anywhere.

Here are some inexpensive, homemade Purim costume ideas that will cost little money and show lots of imagination.

Soda Can:

Find an inexpensive plastic barrel and cut a hole in the bottom. Paint the entire barrel the colors and design of your favorite brand of soda in a can. With holes for arms and your head, a simple barrel can transform your child into a soda can.


You can quickly create a great clown with sweat clothes that are a bit to large decorated with fabric paint or markers. Sew on some pom poms, use an inexpensive wig with a large, colorful hat, and you could even stuff the clothing with tissue (although the tissue will be a problem if the need for a restroom break arises).


You can become a hippie from the 1960s with a tie-dye shirt and faded jeans with holes in the knees. Combine this with a headband, a ponytail wig, and a jacket or vest covered in fringe and you will have the most authentic looking hippie costume of all time.

Doctor or Dentist:

Put a large white shirt on your child as a doctor’s white coat. Have him wear a pager on the shirt pocket and hang a the toy stethoscope from a toy doctor’s kit around his neck. Put the rest of the doctor tools in a black bag.

You can dress your child as a typical nerd, complete with white shirt, pocket protectors, pants that are too short, horn-rimmed glasses, while socks and black dress shoes. Don’t forget to tape one corner of the glasses for a true nerd appearance. Make sure you use plenty of hair gel to slick back the hair and a few overly large fake teeth will be a great addition.

Queen Esther:

No Purim party would be complete without little girls dressed as Queen Esther. Remember, Queen Esther was chosen by King Achashevrosh for her modesty. A simple white poofy dress with very little or no makeup will do. A tiara and jewelry from the dollar will show that she is a Queen.

Your child can be the hit of your block or at the synagogue Purim party if you use a little imagination and create special homemade costumes out of inexpensive, household items.

Like the commercials say “The memory of your child in a costume you made together” … priceless.

Do your kids a favor and make them homemade Purim costumes that are not as nerdy as my tooth idea! Click here to learn more.

Post your Last Minute Purim Costumes Below in the comments section!

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