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Laundry Room Facelift

Posted on 18 July 2010

Laundry room facelift ideas

For a while I didn’t go into my laundry room. That’s because it is so ugly! It is in an unfinished basement, unable to be finished, and it feels like a dungeon down there!

The laundry was becoming a problem so I decided that my laundry room needed a facelift. I couldn’t put my washer and dryer upstairs at the time so I just cleaned it up, decorated it a little, and put in the supplies that every laundry room should have.

You know, that is part of the secrets to successful Jewish homemakers with regards to the laundry. Their laundry room has to feel nice and warm or no one wants to go in it.

Do what you can do to give the laundry room a facelift, and believe me, you will stay on top of the laundry!

Laundry room facelift ideas

-Wallpaper and fresh color on the walls of the laundry room make doing laundry so inviting. Dare to use colors you would be too afraid to use in your living room. You deserve it!

-Add plants and greenery to the room.

-Invest in some top quality laundry machines, namely front loading, high
efficiency and energy star appliances.

-Put down a small rug to stand on

-store laundry detergents in decorative tins

-framed art or prints

Now put in the necessities in your laundry room

  • adequate shelving
  • an ironing area- If your laundry room is very small, try an over the door ironing board.
  • Or, put your ironing board on the back of a door in another location if there is no room in the laundry room.

  • a folding area- Use beds or just the dryer top if there is no room for a table.
  • dish to catch clutter and extraneous pocketed items
  • trash can (continually clean the lint from the dryer)
  • GOOD LIGHTING, lamps, etc.!!!
  • bulletin board for laundry codes
  • clothes line
  • rolling cart for extra supplies
  • basket for socks that have lost their match. Sooner or later you may find the missing one!
  • tote with stain stick and other detergents
  • 4-5 large bins
  • colored baskets depending on how many people are in your family
  • Use mesh bags for underwear. Give each member of the family a mesh bag they can put their own stockings, socks, and delicate items. Wash the full mesh bag and return to their rooms.

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