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Laundry Secrets

Posted on 18 July 2010

Time saving Laundry Secrets collected from the most organized homemakers in Baltimore and uh in Japan?!

Laundry secrets collected first-hand!

First, here’s an educational folding video.

I recently had the opportunity and privilege of speaking at the Women’s Institute of Torah’s Yom Iyun in Baltimore, MD. There were about 200 women, at my disposal, to interview.

They were asked, “How do you do the laundry? Is there a particular laundry tip you think would be valuable for other Jewish homemakers out there to know?”

Here are some of their answers. Enjoy.

  • “I have a white hamper and a black hamper so the clothes get sorted as they go in and can get thrown right into the machine when I’m ready.”
    Homemaker for 4 years
  • “Put the washer and dryer on the same level as the bedrooms, if at all possible.” Homemaker of 46 years
  • “Wash stains ASAP. Each person has his or her own hamper. Children age 13 and up do their own laundry.”
    Homemaker of 28 years
  • “Buy easy to launder clothes. Move your laundry room near your bedrooms. I recently was able to move mine and this has made a huge difference. Front loading machines are gentler on clothes. Remember to never leave your house with your dryer on and to check the lint screen before each load.”
    Homemaker of 16 years
  • “Read labels before washing. Laundry is done after Shabbos starting with sheets, towels, and tableware. Then, clothes must be done by Thursday. Things go to the cleaners on Monday so they are cleaned well before Shabbos.”
    Homemaker of 40 years.
  • “Sort clothes according to loads; warm, hot, cold.”
    Homemaker of 45 years
  • “Get a helpful, caring husband.”
    Homemaker of 57 years
  • “For large families, do laundry every day. Each morning collect the laundry and divide it into piles-colors, weight, etc. Our laundry room is in the kitchen. This makes our kitchen look a bit messier, but it makes laundry easier. You can change the loads while you cook supper.”
  • “I don’t separate colors and whites, everything is done in warm/cold. My husband’s shirts are hung on hangers in the bathroom to dry, no ironing or drying. I keep a laundry basket in the bedroom. My 2 year old loves to help me, carrying quarters and handing me laundry and pushing the baskets from our apartment to the laundry room.”
    Homemaker of 3 years
  • “Everyone must have 2 weeks worth of underwear and socks.”
    Homemaker of 30 years
  • “If you have a child of preschool age, it is fun to match up socks by color or pattern.”
    Homemaker of 30+ years
  • “Pretreat stains before putting stained clothes in the hamper. Fold sheets and towels first, since that reduces your pile considerably.”
    Homemaker of 5 years
  • “Use color-safe bleach alternative. This prevents problems with lights and darks getting mixed together.”
    Homemaker of 10 years
  • “Sort your laundry in separate bins to begin with.”
    Homemaker of 5 years
  • “Pin socks together so they do not get lost. Use sock clips. Or, give each family member a mesh bag. As their socks get dirty, they can fill up their own mesh bag. Wash the entire bag and hand the clean bag back to them to match their own socks.”
  • “Put your washer and dryer in your bathroom so you can put dirty clothes in right after a shower.”
    Homemaker for 22 years
  • “Put one dot on the tags of your first child’s clothing. When the second child gets the hand-me-down add a dot. By the time the 4th child gets the clothing, they have 4 dots. Laundry sorting is very easy because you know what belongs to which child.”
  • “When I remove linens from beds, I put each set into a pillow case. I wash the set together and fold it into the quilt cover since the set is stored together in the linen closet.”
    Homemaker of 37 years
  • “My laundry is in the basement. I like the fact that it is out of the way. However, if I had to choose, I would have my laundry on the bedroom floor.”
    Homemaker of 30+ years
  • “I keep a stain-stick in the kitchen so I can work on the Shabbos tablecloth while it is still on the table after Shabbos. I can see the spots that need it better than in the basement laundry room. Our house has a laundry chute; I keep an old playpen under the opening to catch the dirty clothes.”
    Homemaker of 38 years
  • “Keep a laundry hamper in each person’s room and separate a laundry bag for cold water wash. From the age of 10 each child learns to do their own load.”
    Homemaker of 27 years
  • “Fold laundry in a different basket for each child and put the basket in the child’s room. This way, all the laundry doesn’t get mixed up with each other.”
    Homemaker of 16 years
  • “Keep an arts and crafts center adjacent to the laundry room so kids can be near you when you fold.”
    Homemaker of 10 years
  • “Wash the delicates first; they take more time, and the sturdier clothes can be laundered more automatically.”
    Homemaker of 30 years
  • “Put in 6 drops of Ammonia in each wash.”
    Homemaker of 40 years
  • “Put hampers all over (i.e., bathrooms, bedrooms) so people will put dirty clothes in the hamper instead of on the floor.
    Homemaker of 7 ½ years
  • “Pay yourself $10/hr to clean or make a list of rewards you want for 1x a week.”
    Homemaker of 28 years
  • “Make your children sort, they will end up wanting to do their own laundry to get out of sorting.”
    Homemaker of 23 years
  • “Pre-soak clothes in a bucket overnight.”
    Homemaker of 26 years
  • “Marry a rich fellow and hire a maid.”

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