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Making the Switch

Posted on 25 July 2010

Making the Switch from Chametz to Pesach

I hope you had a wonderful Purim and that it was Perfectly Organized! Now that Pesach is 3 weeks away, there are certain things you definitely want to be doing to ensure it will go ahead smoothly.

3 weeks is a little “late” in my book, not to scare you, but in
comparison with the plan in my Pesach Perfectly Organized which
suggests 6 weeks prior to prepare, you can see why I say it is a
little late.

Here’s is the link to Pesach Perfectly Organized which I highly
suggest you purchase now, if you have not already done so, before it really is late! Included now with purchase is a report specifically written for this year- Making Pesach on Motzei Shabbos.

Anyhow, even though I said it’s a little late in the game, I want to share with you some things that I am currently doing now to give you a HUGE jumpstart for Pesach.

1. I am having my cars detailed. It’s a little bit of an expense
but SO VERY WORTH IT. The cars looks brand new on the inside and out and this way I don’t have to worry about vacumming at all.

2. The closets are done. Bedrooms upstairs are done. No more food
upstairs and downstairs because they are vacuumed.

3. I am constantly going through items in the kitchen and purging
things I don’t need. This isn’t an absolutely necessary step but one that I like so when I take things off the countertops and lock them up, I’m not moving extraneous clutter somewhere else.

4. I purchased a crockpot just for Pesach and am now going to make meat dishes in the crockpot and start freezing them. This is a necessity for me because I am going to a conference in Atlanta the week before Pesach! Crazy? Maybe. But all of the cooking and
cleaning will be done prior so I am no longer worried. My meat is in the process of being ordered so my cooking will commence this week.

5. I’m constantly checking the grocery stores to see if Pesach food is in stock yet and I do have the opportunity to go to New York this Sunday to make some bigger purchases. I do have packaged food from last Pesach so my cooking will start with these foods.

6. Start your kids on Kitniyos snacks- this is very helpful with cleaning the car in advance! Corn puffs, Rice cakes, Rice krispies, corn chips, anything without Barley, Rye, Oat, Wheat, and Spelt!

Enjoy and please feel free to ask me any questions 🙂

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