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Managing and Organizing a Home

Posted on 18 July 2010

Let’s cut to the chase. How can you start managing and organizing a home?

After all, that’s what everyone wants to know. How to start?

I want to get started talking specifically about how you can begin managing and organizing a home. I’ll tell you ways to make your space look good while maximizing storage capacity.

Managing and organizing a home starts with knowing what you have

What’s in your home right now?

If you live a frum lifestyle, then most likely you have all of these things below and more:


-china, probably more than one set

-3 sets of kitchen items, dishes, utensils

-sukkah and sukkah decorations

-pesach stuff

-siddurim, machzorim, benchers,


-lots of pictures

-clothes, shabbos, yomtov




-Purim costumes

-wine, grape juice

-food processor, bread machine

-crock pot

Keep thinking. What you are doing is sorting in your mind what you have around the house.

Managing and organizing a home starts with knowing what you have . Once you know what you have, then you’ll be able to know whether you use it, where to put it, or if you can give it away. Get a handle on what is in your house.

Next, sort, purge, and store

Walk up to one category above and sort it. Gather all of it together.

Example 1, Sheitals.

For example, your sheitals. Gather them all up. Sort through them. Are there some you can donate? Don’t wear? Purge those. Then decide how you will store them.

Put some shelves above a vanity and display them on their heads above the makeup area. Whoever thought that displaying sheitels could look, well, not scary!

Example 2, Sukkah and sukkah decorations

Don’t like having to put away flimsy decorations every year only to have them rip? Take them down to the basement and consolidate them in one area. Hang them from exposed floorboards or hooks that are around. What a cheery way to decorate an old basement!

Example 3, Pesach pantry

A Pesach storage area that looks like this? Enough said!

What I recommend you do.

Just thinking about starting the organizing process can sometimes be the hardest part. I have to say that Julie Morgenstern’s book does the best job talking about how to dive in and start the organizing process no matter how much clutter we are starting with. It also gives you more ideas about how and where to store things.

Julie gives formulas that are easy to remember and easy to get out of jams with. If you are pretty well organized, you’ll learn ways to keep it all in place. I think it is the most fundamental book you could read on organizing. It is called Organizing from the Inside Out. There is also a time management one that is wonderful too but the Organizing from the Inside Out is the one you must have!

The only downside to Julie’s book is that if you are a creative type of person and more rightbrained, artsy, or a little rebellious, you may do better with a less traditional organizing book, like Organize, Shmorganize, Decorganize.

For most people, julie‘s book is an important one to have in your collection. She’ll give you even more ideas about managing and organizing a home and where to store it all.

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