Muffin Gefilte Fish Recipe

Posted on 28 February 2011

Muffin Gefilte Fish Recipe

This is a great recipe when you need to cook in bulk for many holidays or for a large gathering like sheva brachos! My mother uses this recipe all the time and every time she contributes to a Sheva Brachos, people beg her to make her famous Gefilte Fish muffins. They freeze wonderfully and I always make about a 10 loaf batch before the start of a long holiday.

Muffin Gefilte Fish Recipe Ingredients

5-6 frozen gefilte fish loaves

Dill spice

Rosemary and Thyme




Directions for our Muffin Gefilte Fish Recipe

Defrost all of the gefilte fish and peel off wrappers. Mash up the fish in a large bowl. Chop up vegetables very finely and stir into the bowl of fish, mixing with spices. Cook in muffin tins at 350 until tops are browned. Enjoy your Gefilte fish!

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