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My dirty (read: clean) little secret!

Posted on 31 August 2010

I tried this dirty little secret recently and thought it may help some of you. We were going through a period of time where I would dust the furniture and a couple days later it would get dusty again! (That’s a sign your AC ducts may need cleaning by the way)

What I decided to do was to dust the furniture and then use a little baby oil on a rag and go over what I had just dusted. Ideally you’d use furniture oil, but baby oil was all I had around the house and I coated my furniture with a little bit of baby oil. Why? Because baby oil is an occlusive oil and doesn’t allow much to permeate through it, hence it being an effective barrier to dust and the like. (Don’t ever use baby oil on your face because of this reason!)

Dust cannot cling to oil- we’ll see how long my dusting efforts last this time but my sense is that we’ll be dust-free a bit longer than usual. Just take special care not to put anything you don’t want to get oily down directly on the furniture as the oil does not really dry.

That’s my dirty little secret! Let me know how it works for you!

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