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My porch redo.

Posted on 20 August 2010

Granted it’s not an organizing project necessarily, and if you’re into the Decorganize formula you understand that having gorgeous living space is all part of the requirements of keeping your home organized.

The decision to paint my porch red came after sitting on it one Sunday when a kitten came to live on our porch for practically the whole day. I had no idea that this cute kitten belonged to people on the next street over, but sure enough my kids fell in love with the kitten, fed him, and because I wouldn’t let him inside, for fear that he had diseases or whatever, they proceeded to play with him only on the porch and when they were inside, this kitten put his paw under our front door, so all you could see from the inside was this little paw 🙂

Anyhow, that part was irrelevent, however, it gives you the insight into why I was spending so much time on my porch. I was frustrated with how disorganized and messy my porch was getting, even though I have nice porch furniture and even a nice rug. It just wasn’t cutting it.

Then I decided that because my porch floor was a little bit too light of a color (a mistake made by a handyman 3 years ago), it needed to be grounded with a nice dark color to mask all of the dirt stains and dust and also to ground all of the items and furniture pieces we have laying out on the porch. So, I stained my porch floor a brick red. I used an oil stain only because it was sitting in my in-laws garage, unused, but you can use any kind of outdoor exterior paint.

In general, anytime your floor is a rich, dark color, it will tie the entire layout of the room together instead of the room looking like it is cut into different sections. Consider this if there is a room you’ve tried to decorate and can’t seem to get it right. Chances are the floor needs some “tying together” if you will, through a large rug for instance or a deep paint color. Doesn’t necessarily have to be dark, but if your room feels cluttered and disorganized, perhaps it should have a richness to it so your eye has a place to rest.

If you don’t understand what it means for the eye to have a place to rest, you’ll want to check out Organize, Shmorganize, Decorganize…how to get gorgeous living space without having to throw everything out.

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