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My Secret to an Uncluttered Wardrobe? Hire an Image Consultant

Posted on 22 June 2011

My Secret to an Uncluttered Wardrobe? Hire an Image Consultant

My Secret to an Uncluttered Wardrobe? Hire an Image Consultant. What’s an image consultant?

An Image consultant is “a person or company hired to assist someone in personal appearance or style” ( While it may seem like a splurge to have someone come to your home and help you with style charging you by the hour, it isn’t. Here’s my reasoning.

Even if you are a person who couldn’t care the least bit about current trends and fashion, you will benefit from the services of an image consultant. Why? Because you will learn more about what clothing and cuts suits you, empowering you for future shopping trips and giving you guidelines for weeding out what doesn’t look good on you and what not to buy in the future.

What I’ve learned over the years is that working with an image consultant helps you to become a very discerning shopper. This day in age, we are bombarded with sales and more sales and more and more clothes. What to even buy? I consider myself a discerning shopper and I still sometimes come home with items I didn’t really need or don’t look good on me.

That’s why working with a professional that helps you to identify what you “look” is, what complements your body type, and what cuts of clothing to stay away from is more than just about style. It’s also a practical decision and one that will assist you with getting organized and making it possible to stay that way despite our daily bombardment with more and more stuff.

If you need the name of an image consultant in your area, feel free to message me or comment below and I can assist you with finding one!

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