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“New” Info for Cooking during the Week

Posted on 24 August 2010

“New” Info for Cooking during the Week

As my long time readers on JLO know, cooking and managing the cooking during the week is my least favorite pastime and organizing subject. I’d much rather clean a toilet or decorate my home 🙂 We all have our strengths right?

But, I’m also a very self motivated person and like to “face my demons” so I mostly try not to think about how much I’d rather not do it, and so I stick to the research (of always looking for easier ways), plan, and attack!  Which means I just do it anyway.

In my  research, I have to say that I am always looking for new and improved ideas when it comes to managing the cooking that needs to happen and I hate to say this but I have yet to find a shortcut or a “new” idea with regards to cooking.

All the organizing tips seem the same to me- plan your menus, clip your coupons, plan your recipes, grocery shop, cook one dish and freeze another, maybe prep some of the ingredients beforehand. All stuff I’ve heard before.

I think the trick here is to just go ahead and DO IT.

I will just mention two other tips that seem to work for me.

1. Have a list of about 10 dinners that you know like THE BACK OF YOUR HAND. Things you don’t even need a recipe for and what goes well with them. Then, if you weren’t a goody goody one week and didn’t plan your meals, you can at least go to the grocery store and get the ingredients in your “mental” recipe files.

Note- if the idea of storing recipes in your “head” is stressful to you, don’t do it. Everyone is different. I’m talking REALLY simple- for instance, one of mine is eggrolls so I know I need eggroll wrappers, tofu, and cabbage and soy sauce and that is basically it)

2. Second tip is to keep a whiteboard on the fridge and as you run out of ingredients, simply write them on the whiteboard. You will have to transfer them into some sort of grocery list, and I think comparatively to everything else, that isn’t so bad, is it? Or bring the whole whiteboard along if you have to and it isn’t too large 🙂

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