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Okay, so I went to Nordstroms.

Posted on 17 August 2010

I recently went on a comfort shop. Yeah, yeah I know. Not a great idea. “But it was on sale at Nordstroms!” At the time, the guilty purchase made me feel wonderful. I was having a boring day, wasn’t on top of my game, and I remembered that my friend had told me about the sale, so I went.

I realized later that week, that perhaps the guilty purchase would have felt better had it been planned out and budgeted for. Had I been more thoughtful, conscious, and organized for this unexpected purchase, the bag would have been more of a reward for my planning efforts.

Planning our finances and our money situation can sometimes feel yucky and daunting. I do know however, that the gratification from being planned out around money, even if it involves a “rough” budget, is a very empowering feeling. Even if all you do is make a category for variable expenses- say $100 per month extra for miscellaneous purchases and keep to it, you’ll feel great.

That’s why I like writing about my “mistakes” on Jewish Life Organized. So you can live and learn from them

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