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Open a Decorating File

Posted on 18 July 2010

Open a Decorating File

What do I mean “Decorating File”?

Here’s how it works

Say you’d like me to decorate your room, but you live outside of Baltimore, MD.

What you can do is open up your “decorating file”.

Here is how to get started.

1. Contact me via my contact form to let me know you are interested in opening your “decorating file”

2. Submit pictures of the room you wish to decorate- all angles, all areas, as many pictures as are necessary

3. Receive unlimited contact via phone and email with me regarding your room

4. Learn together with me your decorating styles and preferences whether you are a novice or experienced with decorating.

5. After your file is processed, I will send you your Decorating Suggestion Pak which includes everything you need to begin setting up your room: links that I want you to look at for furniture, paint colors, an inspiration room which we will work from, drawings and suggested furniture layouts for your room, and a budget sheet.

It’s like working with me in person without the hourly charges.

The cost to open your decorating file is $299. That’s a flat fee, with unlimited one-to-one contact.

I normally charge $100 per hour so do the math and see if the Decorating File concept works for you! Once you “get over” the idea of working together via the internet/phone, I think you will realize the benefits of doing it this way.

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