Getting your Jewish Home Organized from Rosh Hashanah to Shavuos is a LOT EASIER than you think if you follow these tips.

Rivka Slatkin


Subject: FREE Jewish Holiday Reminder Service

Dear Fellow Jewish Homemaker,

Are you a new Jewish homemaker responsible for making Shabbos every week and you are not even sure what to do or how to start? Or have you been making Shabbos and Yom Tov for years and still feel the sweat start to trickle down your back when you think of Pesach?

Wipe the sweat off your forehead! Jewish Holiday Reminder Service is what you need to prevent feelings of overwhelm.

Jewish Holiday Reminder Service comes to you before every Yom Tov not only reminding you of how much time you have before the Holiday but with specific tips covering what you need to do to get ready.

  • It’s Free!
  • Get answers to questions floating through your mind such as, “How do I turn my kitchen over for Pesach?
  • There’s nothing like talking to a real-live person who is doing the SAME thing that you are and can give you answers that no one else does!

I wish I had known you 15 years ago!

Can I just tell you how delightfully smart you are? I wish I had known you 15 years ago! Thanks to Hashem, for giving you such a good brain! And thank you for using it, and sharing your knowledge. Ruth Eastman

Claim Your Free Access to Claim Your Free Access to Claim Your Free Access to Jewish Holiday Reminder Service and gain the benefits of any other organizing website’s advice and have it uniquely written for your Jewish Home and Family. No longer do you have to apply “Spring Cleaning tips” to Making Pesach!




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You have my word that I will give you many suggestions and tips from very experienced Jewish Homemakers with regards to what works in keeping a Jewish home and what doesn’t. I’ll do my best to help you avoid costly and stressful mistakes. It is my mission to make this work for you.

All the best,

Rivka Slatkin

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