Organizing Checklist for the Week of October 17-22

Posted on 16 October 2010

Organizing Checklist for the Week of October 17-22

Jewish Life’s Weekly Organizing Checklist

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_____ If you haven’t taken your Sukkah down yet, do take it down and store your Sukkah generations in large trash cans, Rubbermaid bins, garbage bags, or in a container that will allow you to keep your posters flat. You can also roll them up and insert into a container such as a wine rack.

_____ Organize or create a gift cabinet in preparation for Chanukah and miscellaneous occasions. If you already have a gift supply cabinet, take the gifts out and organize them, purging the ones you will just never give. If you can mount an over the door gift wrapping holder, that would be great!

_____ While you organize your gift cabinet, you might as well organize a stationary drawer or all-in-one box so you can have a place to sit and keep in touch with people. Stamps, tape, a sponge for wetting envelopes along with stationary is all you need.

_____ Because it’s getting colder in many cities, begin to clean and take out your portable heaters and humidifiers, cleaning them and checking them to make sure they work adequately.

_____ If you are not already wearing your winter clothes, take them out, try them on, and repair those that need repairing.

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