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Organizing Kosher Kitchens Course Part 2

Posted on 18 July 2010

Organizing Kosher Kitchens Course Part 2

Organizing Kosher Kitchens Course Part 2 begins with a question: “Could you store items differently in your kitchen, freeing up some prime real estate, namely the kitchen cabinets and drawers?”

I hope you were able to weed out some items you do not use much in Part 1 of this course.

I’d like to focus now on finding extra space in your kitchen.

Every kitchen has cabinets and drawers. And these cabinets and drawers are the first things to become full! They are prime real estate in the kitchen.

I’d like to teach you 4 options for storing things so you don’t always have to go straight for the cabinets and drawers.

Here are the 4 rules.

  • Hang it up
  • In a drawer
  • On a shelf
  • On the floor

These rules seem like no brainers and I cannot begin to tell you though how many times I have used them.

When I come home with new placemats for instance. I think first- where will I put these? I want to put them in the most appropriate “container” so I review the 4 options in my head.

Sometimes, I am able to create a storage option that isn’t normally something I would have thought of, but because I am mentally reviewing my options, something creative pops up!

For example: Wine. Instead of putting all of your wine in your pantry, perhaps you can put it all on a shelf in your dining room with a wine rack on top of the shelf.

Or, your fruits. Instead of stuffing them all into your refigerator, perhaps you can get a series of hanging baskets and install a hook above your kitchen sink, hanging the fruits rather then shelving them.

Or, your silverware. Instead of using a drawer for your silverware, find a silverware caddy to keep on your table as a kind of a centerpiece but also for practical use. You’ll free up a drawer that way. (See picture above for how I use a silverware caddy). Or use a crock on the counter top-I know of a kitchen space planner named Ellene Newman and she had a potter make a dish for her with a hole at the bottom so she could throw wet silverware and serving utensils in there without worrying about water damage!

Go through your kosher kitchen and come up with a new storage idea for at least 1 item. You’ll get very good at it and will be able to free up a lot of space.

Take a look also at the organizing products I specifically recommend for keeping the kosher kitchen areas seperate from each other. The products are available here at this link.

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