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Organizing Kosher Kitchens Course Part 3

Posted on 18 July 2010

Organizing Kosher Kitchens Course Part 3

Organizing Kosher Kitchens Course Part 3 is going to talk about what is already working for you in your kitchen and what you would like more of in your kitchen.

By now I hope you’ve been able to understand more about your own personal cooking style.

We talked in part I whether or not you are a Pareve person- do you mind whipping out a pareve cutting board and utensils, or would you rather a seperate pareve island with electricity available to it for your pareve baking appliances? Or do you not have pareve and simply determine if something is Milk or Meat?

Now that you have been paying more attention to your cooking style, we can move onto the next step which is: What do you want more of in your kitchen?

  • More Seating space
  • More Counter space
  • More Storage space
  • More Ambiance, open with good lighting
  • More room for other activities, like homework, laundry, entertaining, hobbies?
  • More convenience
  • -a baking area? A Prep area? A better traffic pattern between your sink, refrigerator, and stove?

  • Ergonomics-can you stand and work for a while without your back hurting?

I ask this question now, after talking about Milchig, Fleishig, and Pareve because think about it:

  • If you’d like to create more seating space, adding an area for Pareve prep like with another sink and work space, might be too tight and you would be giving up on the very thing you wanted to add, more seating space.
  • To improve the “convenience” factor of your kitchen, look to see if your work flow is in a triangle. Can you walk easily from your stove, refrigerator, and sink? Are they of all the same height?
  • Can you store items relating to each point in the triangle, right there? For example: your oils and spices right near the stove. Is there room to actually work at each of these 3 points? For example, when you need to put lots of things away into the refrigerator and have no room but the floor to put the items. See if you can create storage and work space by each of the points in the triangle: the stove, refrigerator, and oven.
  • So it is important to know what you are looking to get more of out of your kitchen.

    Here is another example given to me by kitchen space planner Ellene Newman.

    Say you are looking to add more ambiance in the kitchen. You love the windows over the kitchen sink. But you also want more cabinet space. You may have to compromise on the ambiance since the window is perhaps in the ideal location for storage- between shoulder and knee height. Or, you would compromise on the cabinets and keep the window, adding more storage in another area.

    Thinking about what you are looking to get more of out of your kitchen, what is working for you now (say you just love that window), and what your constraints are- budget, space is the focus of organizing kosher kitchens course part 3 and gradually leads you to the next step, which is how you are going to actually arrange your kitchen.

    When you start thinking about how to arrange your kitchen, take a look at the organizing products if you have not already done so here at this link They are great for kosher kitchens .

    Looking forward to seeing you at Part 4!

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