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Organizing Kosher Kitchens Course Part 5

Posted on 18 July 2010

Organizing kosher kitchens course part 5

Organizing kosher kitchens course part 5 starts with a rhetorical question: “But I still don’t have enough room to store things!”

I’ve seen newly remodeled kitchens with so much cabinet and pantry space and yet the homeowner claims he/she still does not have enough room to store things.

I think there really has to be a balance between work and storage space. The kitchen is really a work space. So much focus in design now is on the cabinetry and I think it is a little overdone.

I know that because I keep hearing people saying that they still do not have enough room to store things.

Either, items that are not being used are taking up room in the cabinets or pantry items are in the cabinets.

Is it possible for you to create a seperate “pantry” area for foodstuff? Cans, oils, bottles, jars. You can go as small as a bookcase or as large as a room for your pantry.

Lately I’ve been seeing “spillover” from the kitchen into the eating area, either a dining room or kitchen eating area. People are putting in cabinetry or 4-5 bookcases next to each other that take up a large section of the wall in the dining room or eat-in kitchen. I think this is a great way to manage the spillover from the kitchen. This is especially great for Shabbos and Yom Tov items. Storing them where you will be serving them will minimize trips back to the kitchen and is more practical than taking up whole cabinets, since you are only using these items once a week.

So, the bottom line is: Put less emphasis on the cabinets in your kitchen. They are not the ONLY option you have to rely on for storage. You don’t make sheva brachos every night so you don’t need endless amounts of storage that ends up not being used efficiently.

In fact, the best area according to economics for storage is between your shoulders and your knees. Cabinets are above your shoulders and often below your knees. Think more about that area as potential for storage. Your backsplash for instance. You can put all of your knives on a magnetic strip, serving pieces in a crock, pots and pans hanging on pot racks, Dishes and plates on wall plate racks.

I once saw a kitchen featured in House Beautiful that actually had no cabinets to speak of above the oven or kitchen. The wall was bare over the sink and oven, with the exception of a window or a few decorative shelves. Everything was stored in a seperate pantry area or in lower drawers. The kitchen looked so spacious and clean.

If you cannot do without your cabinets or do not even want to think about not having them, at least think of maintenance. If you have a lot of kids or do not like to clean, then pick easy to maintain surfaces rather than having ornate carvings in cabinet doors.

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