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Organizing Your Jewish Life

Posted on 12 July 2010

Get Started AGAIN Organizing your Jewish life

So many of you come to this website looking for ways to organize your Jewish life. I’m always impressed by your motivation and desire to know more strategies and techniques for how to do your best.

There comes a time and place when you’ve gotten to where you are and either you want more, or it’s no longer working for you.

Does that sound familiar? Either, you’re one of the veteran organized people that have been reading for a while and have mastered and applied most of the tips written here. Or, you are someone who has struggled with organizing your Jewish life for quite some time now.

I’d like to ask you- how committed and decided are you about what you want for your home?

I’ll be the first to admit it- I go through phases of feeling very motivated and sometimes unmotivated with regards to keeping even my own home organized! Can you believe it?

And I realized there’s a difference between the feeling of motivation and the distinct act of decision. They are not the same, you know. It’s one thing to roll up your sleeves and feel motivated to jump into a project. It’s another to come from a place of determination and decision, (due to a motivator!) and DECIDE to be organized.

For instance, we just finished Pesach. I hope Pesach went really well for you. If you felt disorganized, perhaps even frustrated by how it went, I imagine those feelings would be real motivators towards making a decision once and for all, to organize your Jewish life from a more grounded and long-term perspective.

If you have a vision for how you want your home to feel, run, and look like AND you see yourself playing a strong role as part of this- then you know what I’m talking about. DECISION.

If you waffle back and forth, not really committed to where you are in life and throw yourself into projects, (even organizing projects!) you are motivated but not decided.

I don’t want to sound too preachy. I want to give you the tools necessary for starting the organizing process over again, because we all need to recommit ourselves to running our Jewish homes, much like we do around Holiday time, and I felt I needed to clarify the difference between feeling motivated and being decided.

Now those of you that are motivated and not decided yet, just give yourself time. I hate to put it this way- but something will disgust you in your home just enough to help you come to the decision point. I can say that because I’ve experienced it myself before 🙂

Those of you that are DECIDED about organizing your Jewish homes, we are going to begin going back over SYSTEMS you can choose to put into place and start from the ground up, building and rebuilding upon those systems to ensure a smoother ran home. I will email you weekly to build upon those systems that we create together.

For instance, I’d like to recommit to providing you with assistance for your Kosher kitchen. Cooking on Shabbos. Food prep and Grocery shopping.

That leads me to my exciting announcement- that is launching a software that is going to take care of all of that for you. So be patient, and in the meantime, we will go over it verbally and with lists to arm you with your system.

Other systems we are going to go over include time management, getting it all done, etc.

This email was inspired by all of the questions that I received from you along the lines of- “Pesach is over and I want to be really organized from now on, how do I get started?”

I’d love to hear your feedback on what I’ve written above. Please leave us your comments below.


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